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Matrix Audio Element P2 High-Power Class D Stereo Power Amplifier

Matrix Audio Element P2 High-Power Class D Stereo Power Amplifier

Matrix is a premium HiFi audio manufacturer with expertise in high-end quality desktop audio gear. They have years of experience in designing and marketing premium high-end audio gear including Audio Decoders, Headphone Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, etc. Matrix Audio has now announced a brand new high-power Class D power amplifier, presenting the all-new Matrix Audio Element P2 Class D Power Amp. It is a high-power Class D amplifier designed for HiFi speaker systems. It inherits the elegant design frame of Matrix’s high-end Element X system. The Element P2 offers tremendous performance capable of bringing your high-power requiring speakers to life!!

Matrix Element P2-1

Matrix Element P2 is priced attractively at 1580$, check out more information here.

A high-quality amplifier greatly improves the sound quality of connected speakers and headphones. Matrix Audio Element P2 is a pure Class D high-performance amplifier that fills your speakers with great musicality. It produces high-power output plenty to drive even the demanding, low-sensitivity speakers with ease. Matrix has designed the Element P2 with multiple input options including RCA, XLR analog stereo inputs, and an XLR mono input. It actually supports two operation modes, Stereo and Mono. Stereo mode is suitable for most scenarios and delivers up to 230W per channel output. For demanding floor standers and other low-sensitivity speakers, you can hook two Element P2 together and use them in Mono mode. In mono mode, Element P2 provides an ultimate power rating of 850W!!

Matrix Element P2-2

Matrix Audio Element P2 features a 12V Trigger interface function. When connected to a front-end device like the Element X that has a trigger port, the Element P2 will automatically start whenever the front-end device is turned on.  Matrix Audio has treated the Element P2 with high-quality CBVB pads for firm stand and operation. The core of the CBVB is made of Ceramic Balls in each pad to minimize the noises during operation. It greatly helps the amp to provide clean output with low distortion.

Matrix Element P2-3

Matrix Audio Element P2 is a high-end power amplifier. It is designed with top-quality components and ensures quality sound performance for the users. Choose it for your high-end speaker systems and enjoy unmatched sound performance!! Matrix Element P2 is priced at 1580$, you can check out more details and information here.

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