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LZ HiFi introduces "AX": Latest Nine-Driver Flaghsip Hybrid IEMs With 1DD+4BA+2EST+2 Piezoelectric Drivers

LZ HiFi introduces "AX": Latest Nine-Driver Flaghsip Hybrid IEMs With 1DD+4BA+2EST+2 Piezoelectric Drivers

LZ HiFi has got a huge catalog of premium in-ear monitors that are known to deliver quality sound. Back in 2020, LZ HiFi introduced its flagship the A7 with a 7-driver hybrid configuration on each side. The pair got immense love and praise from the community for its impressive sound performance. Today, LZ HiFi has released a new flagship with an upgraded driver configuration, new looks, and multiple tuning adjustment options, meet the all-new LZ AX.


LZ AX is a limited edition product with only 100 units made available worldwide. It is priced at 699$, you can check more information here.

The latest LZ AX has got a nine-driver hybrid setup consisting of a custom dynamic driver, four Knowles BA drivers, two 7-layered piezo-electric ceramic drivers, and two Sonion EST drivers. The drivers are arranged in a 4-way frequency crossover design, featuring the dynamic driver for a powerful lower end, two Knowles BA drivers for rich midrange, two Knowles BA drivers for detailed treble, two Piezoelectric drivers and two EST drivers for ultra-high frequency response. LZ has optimized the acoustic cavity structure for the AX after repeated scientific designs and experimental verifications. Obviously fitting nine drivers in a small cavity structure needed a lot of optimizations. But LZ HiFi has managed to achieve a compact, ergonomic shell design with such a high driver count.


AX has got professional tuning for a balanced and accurate sound presentation. It has been tuned to deliver a natural sound with a rich tone and a wide, spacious soundstage. Users also get to adjust the output to their liking with five different tuning nozzles and a tuning switch. With low impedance and high sensitivity, The LZ AX can be powered easily. Another key attraction of the LZ AX is the included stock cable. There are not one but two cables that come as stock with the AX. LZ has included high-purity silver-plated single-crystal copper and graphene-plated single-crystal copper mixed hybrid cables with 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced terminations. The pair uses gold-plated termination plugs and has standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors.


LZ AX has got beautiful-looking Carbon-Fiber face covers. The pair is limited to only 100 units worldwide. If you are looking to go for a flagship-grade IEM, the LZ AX is definitely worth considering!! Check out more information here.

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