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Luxury & Precision P6 Pro Latest R2R DAC Released

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro Latest R2R DAC Released

When it comes to high-end audio players, Luxury & Precision is a name that keeps popping up with their high-class premium hi-res players. The brand has several famous players in the market including the L&P L4, L&P P6, and more. They have released an upgraded version for the highly acclaimed P6 player called the Luxury & Precision P6 Pro. It features a premium R2R DAC array that delivers a super smooth sound output with ultimate detailing. It’s DAC array is equivalent to 16 PCM 1704 chips and provides a high signal to noise ratio of 125dB. The L&P P6 Pro has a price of 3899$, check out more details here.

The primary difference between an R-2R DAC has over a Sigma-Delta(AKM, ESS) DAC chips is that it is easier to build but harder to implement. But once implemented properly, the DAC delivers an outstanding sound quality with ultimate detail retrieval, miles ahead of that of from AKM and ESS DAC chips. An R2R array DAC is only found in super high-end devices.

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro-1


>Discrete R-2R Array DAC.

>Equivalent to using 16 PCM 1704 chips.

>Ultimate audio experience with high signal to noise ratio of 125dB.

>Refined amplification circuit for distortion-free output.

>Further optimized Luxury & Precision Lossless Matrix Volume Control System(LLMVS).

>Accurate FPGA clock.

>High-quality Bluetooth audio algorithm.

High-Performance R-2R DAC:-

The R-2R DAC inside the L&P P6 Pro features best-matching high-grade 1/10,000 resistors selected from the P6 series with L&P's sophisticated matching technology. The device is equivalent to using 16 PCM 1704 chips with high dynamic range and ultra-low distortion in the output signal.

Refined Amplification Circuit:-

The L&P P6 Pro features a refined amplification circuit with high-quality materials, it results in a super-clean sound amplification with no coloration or distortion. The device can bring your demanding headphones with ease.

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro-2

Precise Volume Control:-

Equipped with the latest optimized Luxury & Precision Lossless Matrix Volume Control System(LLMVS). This technology makes the P6 Pro achieve lossless dynamics and usage of sensitive IEMs with the device.

Pitch Dark Background In Output:-

The L&P P6 Pro has a high signal to noise ratio of up to 125dB, which meets or exceeds most AKM/ESS flagship DAPs in the market. The DAC outputs a super clean output with a pitch dark background free from any kind of noise or distortion.

Newly Designed Touch Screen:-

Luxury & Precision is a premium brand that designs class-leading products in the market. The latest P6 Pro provides a more immersive and intuitive operating experience by equipping the device with a newly designed touch screen. It is a low-power consumption display with anti-electromagnetic interference characteristics.

Impressive Sonic Performance:-

All these premium components provide a very smooth yet detailed sound quality output with a transparent output throughout the frequency range. The improved dynamic ranges make different genre’s of music shine out altogether without outstanding clarity and detail.

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro-3

Improved Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity & FPGA Clocks:-

The L&P P6 Pro provides an improved wireless Bluetooth signal transmission in comparison to the standard P6. It provides a better Bluetooth audio algorithm and accurate FPGA clock resulting in an overall outstanding performance with the Device.

Pricing & Availability:-

The Luxury & Precision P6 Pro R2R DAC is priced at 3899$, it is currently available on pre-order from our store here. Shipments will begin from mid-December according to the order number sequence.

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Andrry - July 18, 2022

Так не могу понять в чем отличия p6 от p6 pro?

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