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LETSHUOER Introduced Latest Flagship "Cadenza 12" : Premium 12 Driver Hybrid IEMs

LETSHUOER Introduced Latest Flagship "Cadenza 12" : Premium 12 Driver Hybrid IEMs

LETSHUOER is on a roll lately. They have been releasing some amazing IEMs back-to-back now. First, we had the super amazing S12 which got followed by D13, Z12, and more. Today, we are here to announce their upcoming latest flagship set of in-ear monitors, the LETSHUOER Cadenza 12. Cadenza 12 is a flagship top-of-the-line pair of hybrid in-ear monitors that houses a 12-driver arrangement on each side. In musical terms, Cadenza refers to an ornamental passage that is played or sung by a Soloist. This particular passage allows the soloist to deliver a lively and virtuoso performance. The latest Cadenza 12 promises us a lively performance with its exceptional design, professional tuning, and powerful driver arrangements. Cadenza 12 comes in a premium package that includes an exquisite Old Dogs designer showpiece item.

LETSHUOER Cadenza 12-1

Letshuoer Cadenza 12 is currently available on pre-order till 14th March at a discounted price of 2099$, it's retail price is set at 2299$. Check more details here.

Cadenza 12 as its name suggests houses a 12-driver hybrid configuration. The pair houses a traditional combination of dynamic and balanced armature driver units featuring a 10mm silicone surround dynamic driver unit and 11 high-performance balanced armature drivers from Knowles and Sonion. The drivers are arranged together in a precisely designed five-way frequency crossover. This crossover features both physical tubes and electronic arrangements allowing the brand to tune the pair precisely allowing full control on the output signal. With years of expertise and a professional acoustic team, Cadenza 12 is said to have a lively, grand, rich sound presentation.

LETSHUOER Cadenza 12-2

In traditional Chinese, the saying " Steady as an Old Dog" is an ideal epitome that we should strive towards. It states that older, experience dogs are more dependable and trustworthy. LETSHUOER with their years of experience in the industry has given us so many good sounding Old Dog IEMs. This is why the Cadenza 12 includes this beautiful Old Dog mascot artpiece stand. The snazzy, virtuoso Old Dog will be recognized as the trail blazer in the Ear phone realm. This surely adds a unique element to the Cadenza 12's packaging.

LETSHUOER Cadenza 12 IEMs-5

Cadenza 12 features a professionally designed ear cavity structure. The ear shells are made up of high-quality premium titanium alloy material. Titanium alloy is still very limited and it’s only featured in a handful of flagship IEMs so far. The shells are precisely crafted with a high-precision five-axis CNC machining process, they are later polished, buffed, and electroplated for a smooth and premium finish. The result is an ergonomic chassis that is stunning in design and comfortable to wear.

LETSHUOER Cadenza 12-3

LETSHUOER bundles its latest flagship with a high-purity monocrystalline copper and monocrystalline silver hybrid cable with modular termination plugs. This cable allows the users to easily replace the termination with a choice between 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs that are included in the package. LETSHUOER Cadenza 12 is a remarkable IEM that features stunning looks and delivers impressive sound performance. The package of this beautiful IEM is also quite special. LETSHUOER Cadenza 12 is currently launched at a discounted price of 2099$ as a pre-order bonus. It's retail price is set at 2299$. Check more details here.

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