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LETSHUOER D13 Single Dynamic Driver IEMs with DLC Diaphragm

LETSHUOER D13 Single Dynamic Driver IEMs with DLC Diaphragm

After a few days of showing some information on the social media platforms, LETSHUOER has finally released its latest upcoming single-dynamic driver IEMs, the brand new LETSHUOER D13. D13 packs a large 13mm dynamic driver unit that is tuned to deliver a lively, punchy sound performance. LETSHUOER as a brand has got years of experience in designing single and multi-driver IEMs. They have a good reputation in the HiFi audio market for their wide collection of in-ear monitors. Available in two color options and two termination plug choices, the LETSHUOER D13 has got an attractive price tag of 119$, currently available at a pre-order bonus price of 95.20$.


As the name might suggest, the LETSHUOER D13 houses a large 13mm dynamic driver unit. This DD unit adopts a high-quality DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) diaphragm. DLC material has got high-strength, it is highly durable while being lightweight at the same time making it an ideal choice of material for diaphragms. D13 adopts the DLC diaphragm with its custom-designed dynamic driver unit.

The pair has also got a powerful magnetic architecture based on N52 neodymium magnets. LETSHOUER has tuned the set for deep-hitting lower-end, crisp vocals, detailed instruments, and sparkly treble frequencies. The pair features swappable tuning nozzles with two sets of nozzles included in the package. The stock nozzle has a smooth, balanced sound profile while the included additional tuning nozzle set brings enhancement to the treble region.


LETSHUOER D13 gets high-quality CNC machined aluminum alloy ear shells. The pair boasts striking looks with its compact round-shaped ear shells. With the CNC machining process, the pair gets a refined, smooth finish. The shells provide a comfortable listening experience with a firm fit and good isolation. LETSHUOER D13 comes with a hand-crafted 4-core monocrystalline copper cable. Check out more information about the amazing D13 over here.

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