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KZ ZAX Latest 16 Driver Hybrid IEM Released

KZ ZAX Latest 16 Driver Hybrid IEM Released

Looks like September is going to be a month for 16 driver IEMs. It's just been two days when we posted about the TRN BA8 16 driver IEM, today another brand has announced its latest IEM with a 16 driver setup. KZ Acoustics is a very well known brand among the audiophiles. They manufacture some brilliant pairs of in-ear monitors at pocket-friendly prices. They have announced their latest pair of in-ear monitors, the KZ ZAX. The KZ ZAX is equipped with a powerful 8 driver hybrid setup on each side totaling to a 16 driver setup on the pair featuring one dual-magnetic circuit composite dynamic driver unit paired with 7 precisely tuned 7 BA units on each side. It not only features a powerful driver setup but also has a classy rich look with a lustrous zinc alloy face panel design.  Priced at just 60.99$, it is again a pocket-friendly offering from the brand. Check out more details here.



>Class Leading 8 Driver Hybrid Setup Each Side.

>Powerful Dual-Magnetic Circuit Composite Dynamic Driver Unit.

>Professionally Tuned Seven BA Drivers On Each Side.

>Universal 0.75mm 2-Pin Gold-Plated Connectors.

>High-Quality OFC Silver-Plated Cable with 3.5mm Termination Plug.

>Impedance: 24Ohms.

>Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-40kHz.

>Sensitivity: 113dB.

Professional Tuning, Premium Sound Output:-

The KZ ZAX is tuned professionally by trained professionals with years of experience in the industry. The drivers are arranged using an electronic and physical dual-frequency adjustment technology providing a distortion-free sound output with high resolution and crisp clarity.

Dual Magnetic Circuit Composite Dynamic Driver:-

The KZ ZAX features a powerful dual-magnetic circuit composite dynamic driver unit with a large 10mm diaphragm coil. It produces a powerful and lively lower end with deep, powerful bass slams and transparent sub-bass rumble.

Premium Balanced Armature Units:-

The KZ ZAX is equipped with 7 balanced armature units on each side that handles the mid, high, and ultra-high frequencies. These drivers are professionally tuned providing users with utmost precision and clarity in vocals, instruments, and more.

Rich Ergonomic Design:-


The faceplates in KZ ZAX are made up of beautiful pearly Zinc alloy face panels. This adds a very elegant and rich look to the pair. It is designed ergonomically with lightweight aesthetics ensuring a comfortable and firm fit to its users even with long music sessions.

High-Purity Cable:-

The cable included with the KZ ZAX is a high-purity OFC Silver Plated cable with gold plated connectors. It has a 3.5mm termination plug and 0.75mm 2-pin universal connectors. The cable not only provides smooth audio signal transmission but also complements the looks of the pair.


The KZ ZAX seems to be a very classy product with elegant looks and a powerful driver configuration. It comes with a high-purity silver-plated OFC cable and other quality accessories. The pair is available in two beautiful colors, Blue and Black. The buyer gets an option to choose between a Mic or without Mic cable while ordering the pair. At 60.99$ it looks like a steal deal with quality performance. Order one for yourself here.

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