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KZ ZAS Latest Hybrid-Driver 7BA+1DD IEMs

KZ ZAS Latest Hybrid-Driver 7BA+1DD IEMs

Knowledge Zenith, commonly known as KZ Acoustics is a well-reputed HiFi IEMs manufacturer based in China. They are mostly known for their affordable, well-built, and sparkly sounding pair of high-resolution in-ear monitors. Today, KZ Acoustics has released their latest hybrid set of In-Ear Monitors, the KZ ZAS. KZ has designed a brand-new 16-unit hybrid technology for the ZAS featuring a new acoustic cavity structure and a new generation of high-performance balanced armature drivers. The pair is equipped with a powerful eight-driver hybrid configuration on each side consisting of one powerful dynamic driver and seven high-performance BA units. KZ is also known for its brilliantly crafted earpieces, ZAS follows the same with its exquisite craftsmanship. KZ ZAS starts at an attractive price tag of just 66$ for the without mic variant.



>Powerful eight-driver hybrid configuration per side.

>10mm Dual-magnetic Dynamic Driver.

>Seven new-generation high-performance Balanced Armature drivers.

>Newly-designed Acoustic Cavity.

>Professional electronic frequency crossover.

>Comfortable fit with lightweight ergonomic earpieces.

>Exquisite looks with a metallic frame.

>High-purity 200 core silver-plated cable.

>Standard 0.75mm two-pin connectors.

>Standard 3.5mm termination plug.

>Impedance: 24 ohms.

>Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-40kHz.

>Sensitivity: 109dB.

>In-Line Mic(Available without In-line mic too).

>Weight: 11 +/-1 grams.


Latest-Generation Upgraded Balanced Armature Drivers:-

KZ has equipped ZAS with new-generation high-performance balanced armature drivers for exceptional sound quality output. They have featured three specially developed 50024s composite BA drivers for covering mid-to-high frequency range with outstanding resolution and clarity. For high-frequency they have equipped a custom-tuned 30019 high-frequency BA driver bringing a smooth, non-fatiguing high-frequency response. 

Double Magnetic Circuit Dynamic Driver For Powerful Bass:-

KZ ZAS features a powerful dual-magnetic dynamic driver unit 10mm diaphragm. It produces a rich low-frequency output with a powerful mid-bass slam and thunderous sub-bass rumble, an impressive lower end with quality performance.


Newly-Designed Acoustic Cavity With Electronic Crossover:-

KZ has developed a new acoustic cavity structure that helps in the even distribution of each frequency band. It is designed to reasonably control the amplitude of the diaphragm movement and accurately present transient characteristics of the output signal. The pair has received a professional electronic crossover adjustment to provide a clean, distortion-free sound output.

Exquisite & Ergonomic At The Same Time:-

KZ ZAS earpieces get a luxurious treatment with premium exquisite looks and an ergonomic design. The pair shines like a diamond with brand-new bright colors and a combination of resin ear cavities with a shiny metallic frame. Its ergonomic design is developed after deep research on over ten thousand ear canal samples to ensure a comfortable and firm wearing experience for most users.


High-Quality Silver-Plated Cable:-

KZ ZAS comes with a 200-core high-purity silver-plated cable which effectively improves sound quality and transparency with reduced distortion in the output. It provides low internal resistance to the audio signal resulting in high-quality sound output with the pair.

Pricing & Availability:-

KZ ZAS is officially released today. It is available to purchase in two different color options, Black and White, in two different variants, With In-Line Mic and Without In-Line Mic. It starts at 66$ for the no-mic variant. Check out more details here.
You could also purchase it on HiFiGo's Amazon Store:
Japan Amazon:
https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B0987DRRHQ/ユニットハイブリッド イヤホン

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