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KZ ZAR Brand New Eight-Driver Hybrid IEMs WIth 1DD+7BA Driver Configuration

KZ ZAR Brand New Eight-Driver Hybrid IEMs WIth 1DD+7BA Driver Configuration

Knowledge Zenith Acoustics, commonly known as KZ, is one of the most happening High-Fidelity in-ear monitors brand from China. Every other month they have new IEM releases planned. Today, KZ has one of the largest collections of IEMs on sale from any brand in the industry. KZ has now come up with a brand new multi-driver hybrid IEM, meet the all-new KZ ZAR. ZAR brings us a classic combination of dynamic and balanced armature drivers arranged together in beautifully crafted ear shells promising high-quality sound and comfortable fit in a single package. By its name and driver configuration, KZ ZAR seems to be a successor to one of the most famous hybrid IEM models by KZ the KZ ZAS.


KZ ZAR is launched officially for 80$, it comes in two variants, with and without an in-line mic. You can check out more details here.

ZAR packs an 8-driver hybrid configuration on each side. This includes a self-developed high-power magnetic dynamic driver unit and seven high-performance balanced armature driver units on each side. The drivers are arranged together with precisely designed electronic crossover. The dynamic drive is adjusted to produce a powerful, deep-hitting lower-end response, the BA drivers produce unparalleled clarity and rich tone for the midrange ad treble frequencies. It houses three sets of 50024S dual BA units and one 30019S BA Unit on each side alongside a high-performance dynamic driver unit.


KZ ZAR brings in beautifully designed ear cavities. They are made up of high-quality skin-friendly resin material and are super comfortable to wear. KZ has also featured unique HiFi design stylish face covers that greatly enhance the look of the pair. ZAR adopts high-quality gold-plated 2-pin 0.75mm connectors. It comes with a high-purity 8-core silver-plated stock cable. Available options include with and without an in-line microphone. KZ ZAR starts at 80$, check out more information here.

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