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KZ SK10 Latest Bluetooth V5.2 Dual Driver Hybrid TWS Earphones

KZ SK10 Latest Bluetooth V5.2 Dual Driver Hybrid TWS Earphones

Knowledge Zenith commonly known as KZ Acoustics among music enthusiasts is a well-known HiFi audio gear manufacturing brand based in China.  They have years of experience developing high-fidelity IEMs and TWS earphones with a plethora of products under their name.  Today, KZ Acoustics have launched their latest set of TWS earphones, the KZ SK10.

KZ SK10-1

KZ SK10 is the latest-gen truly wireless set of earphones equipped with a dual-driver hybrid setup(1DD+1BA) for HD quality sound. It supports the latest Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity providing a stable lag-free experience. It is the perfect choice for watching movies or playing games thanks to its high-performance game mode that instantly lowers the signal delay and provides you with proper audio and video synchronization. One simply won’t have to worry about battery life with the SK10, on each charge the pair lasts up to 26 hours of music playback with the charging case. Even with all these latest tech and features, the KZ SK10 is priced at only 42.99$.

KZ SK10-2


>Latest Bluetooth V5.2 Connectivity.

>Stable, Lag-free Connection.

>Powerful Dual Driver Hybrid Configuration(1DD+1BA).

>10mm Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver.

>30019 Balanced Armature Driver.

>HD Microphone for Crisp Call Quality.

>Smart Touch Operation.

>High-Performance Mode.

>Master and Slave Free Switching.

>Exquisite Design with Compact Charging Case.

>Up to 26 Hours Battery Life.

>Available in three color options, White, Black, Pink.

>Bluetooth Range: ~15m.

>Earphone Weight: ~12 grams.

>Charging Case Weight: ~45 grams.

>Earphone Battery Capacity: 48mAh.

>Charging Battery Capacity: 400mAH.

KZ SK10-3

Seamless Bluetooth V5.2 Connectivity:-

What good is a wireless TWS earphone if it doesn’t support a stable, lag-free Bluetooth connection? The latest KZ SK10 supports the latest Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity offering a perfectly synced audio and video performance. Feel free to watch movies, play games, you won’t be getting any lag with the SK10. With the Bluetooth V5.2, the connection shows low delay, low power consumption, and stable signal transmission.

Dual Driver Hybrid Technology For High-Quality Sound:-

KZ has designed the SK10 with a dual-driver hybrid configuration per side for high-resolution sound performance. The pair features a 10mm composite diaphragm dynamic driver unit paired to a 30019 balanced armature driver. The pair has an energetic tuning with rich detail and high-resolution clarity throughout the frequency range.

KZ SK10-4

Stunning Design With Touch Sensitive Controls:-

KZ SK10 are extremely beautiful earphones with a metallic frame and transparent inner shell design. It has a touch-sensitive button located at the face cover of the pair. The pair can be operated for different functions such as play/pause music, skipping to previous/next track, start voice assistant, and more, with just a simple touch of a finger.

High-Performance Game Mode:-

While most of the TWS in the market have a high signal delay of up to 150ms, the latest KZ SK10 features a special high-performance game mode that effectively reduces the delay to as low as 40ms. It makes KZ SK10 the perfect choice for watching movies and playing games on the go.

KZ SK10-5

Super Long Battery Life:-

Never ever worry about the battery with the KZ SK10. The pair has a super long battery life of up to 26 hours using the charging case. The pair itself can play music continuously for up to 6.5 hours on a single charge. The charging case can charge the earphones up to 4 times.

Compact and Beautiful:-

Not only the earpieces, but the charging case is also very compact and small. We can easily carry it around in our pocket without any issue.

KZ SK10-6

Pricing & Availability:-

KZ SK10 is available in three beautiful color options, White, Black, & Pink. It is priced at only 42.99$. Check out more details here.

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