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KZ AS24 Flagship 12 BA Driver IEMs With 8 Tuning Switches

KZ AS24 Flagship 12 BA Driver IEMs With 8 Tuning Switches

KZ Acoustics has introduced its latest flagship pair of IEMs, presenting the all-new KZ AS24. As one might guess from its name, the AS24 houses a 12-driver combination on each side totaling 24 drivers on the pair. It’s a flagship All-BA driver IEM designed with top-quality balanced Armature drivers customized for top-quality sound production. KZ has used highly-precise DLP 3D printing technology to design an integrated Acoustic structure with acoustic ducts for physical crossover. The pair also has precise electronic crossover for unmatched sound reproduction. With its 12 high-performance balanced armature drivers, ergonomic shape, and pure sound, the KZ AS24 is ideal for audiophiles who want a rich, true high-resolution sound experience.

KZ AS24-1

KZ AS24 is available in two variants, the first is a standard variant and the second is a tunable variant. The tunable variant has 8 tuning switches, 4 main tuning switches allowing full-frequency control and bass control, and 4 auxiliary switches for midrange and high-frequency adjustment. KZ AS24 starts at 112$ for the standard variant, and the Tunable variant is priced at 122$, check out more information here.

KZ has featured high-quality upgraded BA drivers for the AS24. The pair packs four units of 31736 dual-composite BA drivers, two 29689 BA drivers, one 22955 BA driver, and one 30019 BA driver on each side. The new 22955 BA driver produces a strong lower-end response. Much better than the previous generation BA drivers. The new generation 29689 also brings improvements in the treble response with an open presentation.

KZ AS24-2

BA drivers usually have a U-shaped reed in Hearing aids and IEMs. Its bending process is delicate and has poor stability. To counter this, KZ has featured a new “Trident” design for the reed. It has more accuracy and the drivers are precisely centred between the magnets. It helps improve the sound output quality of the AS24 with lower distortion and denser sound.

KZ AS24-3

KZ has designed the AS24 with highly-precise DLP 3D printing technology. The pair has an integrated rear chamber design with acoustic tubes from the mouth of the drivers directly going into their nozzle. This acoustic tube-based physical crossover and precise electronic crossover helps in good quality sound with lower distortion in the output signal. KZ has crafted the ear shells using a high-quality medical-grade resin material. The shells are comfortable and ergonomic, ensuring the user's comfortable fit and wearing experience.

KZ AS24-4

KZ AS24 has a high-purity oxygen-free copper cable with silver plating for clear sound presentation. The cable has a flat design for tangle-free operation and high-purity material ensures smooth signal transmission with low internal resistance. KZ AS24 is a fantastic pair of IEMs that are professionally tuned for a pure high-resolution audio experience. The clarity, the resolution, the detail level, everything for the KZ AS24 is simply outstanding. And the tunable variant also enables you to play with the pair to get your desired sound output. KZ AS24 starts at 112$ for the standard variant, you can check out more details here.

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