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Kinera IEM Upgrade Cables: Leyding, Dromi, Gleipnir!!!

Kinera IEM Upgrade Cables: Leyding, Dromi, Gleipnir!!!

Kinera is a brand we all trust with its exquisite craftsmanship. Every single product in their beautiful lineup is made with utmost detail and precision. They have a huge range of highly successful IEMs such as their flagship Baldr, tribrid Nanna, hybrid Norn, multi-ba Skuld, and many more. All these pairs feature beautiful hand-painted ear cavities, but that’s not the only attraction with them. Kinera packs all of its premium sets with wonderful cables. So it was quite evident they will sooner or later enter into the high-end IEM upgrade cables, The day is finally here. Kinera is entering into the world of high-quality upgrade cables for IEMs with three of their introductory models, Behold the brand new Kinera Leyding, Kinera Dromi, and Kinera Gleipnir.

Kinera Cable-1

All three of these cables offer replaceable termination plug options. They come packed with 3.5mm single-ended, and 2.5mm+4.4mm balanced plugs. These plugs are high-quality gold-plated copper plugs. They are currently available only in 2-pin variants. The Leyding is an entry-level offering with a 5N OFC configuration. The Dromi has a 6N OCC silver-plated configuration. The Gleipnir is their flagship cable with 6N gold-plated OCC cores bringing drastic improvements to your earphones. If you are looking to buy an upgrade cable for your high-resolution IEMs, Kinera has released an entire range for you, you can choose any among them based on your use scenario and budget!!

Kinera IEM Cable-2

As always Kinera has associated these cables with characters from Norse mythology. Leyding, Dromi, and Gleipnir are the names of the chains that god’s created to behold the giant Fenrir.

Kinera Leyding:-

Enter the world of high-quality upgrade cables with the Kinera Leyding priced at just 69$. Leyding is an 8 core cable with OFC and Copper alloy hybrid wires. It adopts a complex Litz structure. Each core diameter here is 1.0mm. Kinera has designed the cable with a combination of 24 strands of 0.05mm silver-plated copper alloy plus 14 strands of 0.06mm OFC wires arranged together in a Litz braided structure. 

Kinera Leyding-1

Sound Response:-

Copper wires enhance the earphones' atmosphere and bass, but it often affects the treble and resolution. Leyding here utilizes 5N Silver-Plated Copper alloy that greatly improves atmosphere, treble, bass, soundstage, and presents its users with a more three-dimensional presentation. It brings a balanced improvement to the sound quality.

Price & Availability:-

Kinera Leyding is available for just 69$. You can grab a unit here.
You could also purchase it on HiFiGo's Amazon Store:
America Amazon:

Kinera Dromi:-

Bringing you one step up the Leyding is the Kinera Dromi, a 4-core 6N OCC silver-plated upgrade cable. It has a braided structure consisting of 50 strands of 0.05mm and 50 strands of 0.06mm silver-plated OCC wires. In order to achieve stability and conductivity. Of the sound signal, Dromi adopts a complex Litz Structure. Each core here in Dromi is independently insulated. It effectively reduces any noticeable microphonic issues and presents the users with a clean, natural sound.

Kinera Dromi-1

Sound Characteristics:-

With a combination of high-purity Copper and Silver wires, Dromi brings instant improvements in the soundstage, your earphones will have a cleaner sound with accurate positioning of vocals and instruments. Due to the ingenious combination of copper and silver wire ratios, Dromi has a solid and flexible sound.

Price & Availability:-

Kinera Dromi is available to purchase for 199$. You can order one for yourself here.

Kinera Gleipnir:-

Coming to the top of the line by Kinera, Experience the magic with the Kinera Gleipnir IEM upgrade cable. It is a 6N gold-plated OCC cable with an 8-core 3-dimensional braided structure. The cable has a 1.2mm diameter per core. It is made with 49 strands of 0.06mm cores, with a total of 392 strands per cable. 200 mesh nylon wires are added to increase the tension in the cable. “Gleipnir” has excellent conductive performance and the audio signal is transmitted with ultra-low internal resistance. Explore pure sound with your high-end IEMs with the Kinera Gleipnir.

Kinera Gleipnir-1

Sound Characteristics:-

Gleipnir retains the original sound character of the connected earphones with a greater resolution, and clarity. The internal structure of the wire base and the metal content of the plug-in parts have been adjusted to provide an expansive performance. Kinera Gleipnir brings drastic improvements with improved high-frequency extensions, improved overall dynamics, transient response, and better clarity. Gleipnir brings a new life to your high-quality IEMs.

Price & Availability:-

Kinera Gleipnir is available for just 299$, Check out more details here.

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