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Kinera Celest Pandamon 2.0 Is Here With All-New Looks and SPD 2.0

Kinera Celest Pandamon 2.0 Is Here With All-New Looks and SPD 2.0

Celest came up with the Pandamon as its second product in the international market back in 2022. The pair was loved by the masses and it was the first set of in-ear monitors to benefit from the Kinera’s recently designed SPD 2.0(Square Planar Driver) technology. Celest Pandamon was loved by audiophiles all around the globe for its responsive sound and comfortable fit. Today, Celeast introduces the second generation to the Pandamon, presenting the all-new Celest Pandamon 2.0. The backstory of Pandamon is as interesting as it gets. Pandamon refers to a strong character from the Chinese mythological tale “The Classic of Mountain and Seas”. It is a fantasy-based beast with a ferocious image. For the new Pandamon 2.0, Celest has redesigned the pair with new resin material shells and hand-painted face covers. The tuning has also been optimized for a pure musical listening experience!!

Kinera Celest Pandamon 2.0-1

Celest Pandamon 2.0 is introduced at an attractive price of 59$, you can check out more details here. It will be available to purchase soon. It is also available on our Amazon US, Amazon Japan, and AliExpress Stores as well.

The first thing that is going to catch your attention on the Pandamon 2.0 would be its all-new shells. The entire look of the pair has been renewed from the previous gen now featuring all-resin cavities with beautiful hand-painted ear shells. The shells have a compact design and the hand-painted face plates look spectacular. Skilled artists at Celest have carefully painted the face plates with outstanding looks. Celest Pandamon 2.0 has got bold and dynamic look with its spicy Blue color theme.

Kinera Celest Pandamon 2.0-2

Celest Pandamon 2.0 houses a 10mm SPD 2.0 driver unit on each side. With this Square Planar Driver, the pair is able to produce impressive sound. Celest has reworked the tuning of the Pandamon 2.0 presenting a smoother mid-high response. It now has better Treble extension and clearer midrange compared to the previous model. The Pandamon 2.0 sounds livelier and has faster transients and a relaxed overall feel. It now complements different genres of music in a better way and delivers a crispier, cleaner output to its listeners.

Kinera Celest Pandamon 2.0-3

Celest Pandamon 2.0 comes with a set of high-quality accessories. This includes a bunch of vocal and balanced sound eartips and a high-quality stock cable. The pair has a 5N copper silver-plated cable with interchangeable termination plugs. Although you will only get one plug in the pack that you can choose between 3.5mm and 4.4mm at the time of purchase. This cable has 0.78mm 2-pin connectors for easy swapping with Bluetooth adapters and other upgrade cables.

Kinera Celest Pandamon 2.0-4

Celest Pandamon 2.0 is an interesting pair with new SPD 2.0 driver technology, new tuning, and all-new looks. The looks only excite us for the Pandamon 2.0. It is being launched officially for just $59, you can grab yours here.

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