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Khadas Tone 2 Pro: Technological Marvel!!

Khadas Tone 2 Pro: Technological Marvel!!

Just a few days back the Khadas Tone 2 Pro pre-orders went live on HiFiGo.com. We have received a lot of queries regarding the device, some people are confused about the balanced plug, some are asking about the Bluetooth connectivity with the Tone 2 Pro, and the list goes on. So today, Khadas shared some information with us that we are gonna share with you. It will answer your queries with some internal information about the Tone 2 Pro. Khadas has also unveiled a new color of the latest Tone 2 Pro in a bright new Red avatar that looks simply mesmerising and beautiful. Before we begin the Khadas Tone 2 Pro is available at a discounted price of just 169.9$ pre-order price, check out more details here. There's also a new price update policy from the brand which is as follows.

Gradual Price Increase:-

As we all know, the Tone 2 Pro is available for a pre-order launch price of 169.9$, for this you have to register yourself here before 16th December the official release date of the Tone 2 Pro. Even if you miss the deal here, you can still grab it for 179.9$ from 18th December to 2nd January 2021. From 3rd January 2021 the price will reach the MSRP decided by the brand i.e. 199.9$, so register your self from our store here for the best deal on the Khadas Tone 2 Pro.

 Khadas Tone 2 Pro-11

Now the Technology behind the Balanced RCA Jacks on the back of our lovely Tone 2 Pro.

Balanced RCA Plug:-

The balanced RCA plug has been a center of attraction around the Khadas Tone 2 Pro. Like everyone is confused about the technology behind the Balanced RCA port. So first a look at its counterpart the Balanced RCA plug.

Tone 2 Pro-1

The balanced RCA plug has three layers, the outermost layer(ground), the middle layer(negative), and the center probe(positive). Here’s an X-ray diagram to depict its detailed structure. Khadas has assured us that these latest Balanced RCA plugs offer better connectivity and functionality while maintaining a small form factor.

Tone 2 Pro-2

High-Resolution Bluetooth Support:-

People are confused about whether the Khadas Tone 2 Pro will feature wireless Bluetooth connectivity or not. Well, as you all know the Tone 2 Pro is built using a premium Aluminium shell that blocks radio frequencies. So, professional teams at Khadas are working on an external Bluetooth module that plugs right into the USB-C(I2S) jack on the device.

Tone 2 Pro-3

Bluetooth Module Specifications:-

BT Chip: Qualcomm QCC5125.

Name: BT Magic.

Codec Support: AptX HD, LDAC.

Tone 2 Pro-4

Currently, the Bluetooth plug is in the prototyping stage, For example, you may be wondering why the module is L-shaped, and this is because due to the custom pin-layout this USB-C plug is non-reversible. More updates regarding the Bluetooth module will be coming in the near future from Khadas themselves.

Now on to the design of the Tone 2 Pro:-

Well, everyone is astonished by the beautiful looks of the Tone 2 Pro. But lets us show you some insights on the internal design of the Tone 2 Pro.

>Volume Knob:-

Tone 2 Pro-5

The first thing that stands out in the looks of the Tone 2 Pro is the rotating volume knob on the top of the device. This is a hybrid digital-to-analog knob that is more precisely known as a rotary-push encoder. Volume can be adjusted using the rotation on this knob while pushing motion can be used for changing various modes/features the Tone 2 Pro offers.

Tone 2 Pro-6 

Although the rotary-push encoder has more functions, it does not feel as smooth as a conventional potentiometer used in most other audio equipment. To overcome this problem, Khadas has to add the following components to the design.

Tone 2 Pro-7 

The “8. Silicone O-Ring” prevents chafing between the volume knob and outer shell, which are both made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Whilst the “10. Viscous Damping Gel” produces a smooth and elegant rotation that you’re familiar with on a regular potentiometer. This gives the volume knob a smooth, assured, and premium feel. So you can feel in control of your music, wherever you go.

>Thermal Pad:-

Tone 2 Pro-8 

The light-blue component labeled “13. Thermal Pad”, sits directly on top of the XMOS XU216 CPU. This thermal pad transfers heat from the XMOS chip directly to the exterior aluminum shell, allowing the entire exterior of Tone2 Pro to act as a heat sink.

Many audio devices suffer hisses or blips into the audio stream as the chipset getting hot, but in Tone 2 Pro, Khadas has resolved this issue as the entire casing acts as an adequate thermal regulator. Technological Marvel isn’t it!! 

>Device Thickness:-

Tone 2 Pro-9

For a device with such a HiFi configuration, you will notice the Tone 2 Pro is really slim and beautiful. Khadas has managed to pack all the wonderful technology inside a really beautiful aluminum casing. You’ll be delighted to observe that it is actually thinner than the RCA jacks found on the previous-generation Tone1. The latest innovative custom-designed balanced RCA jacks are really compact, saving up space, giving an extra-ordinary beautiful look to the device. They are ideal for integration into mobile-centric solutions which Khadas has excelled with the Tone 2 Pro. Pre-book your unit here now!!

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