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Khadas Tone 2 Pro Specs & Shipping Update

Khadas Tone 2 Pro Specs & Shipping Update

Just before the first shipment of the much-awaited Khadas Tone 2 Pro Desktop DAC/AMP system, the brand has tweaked the device with updated specifications. Mainly they have tweaked the output impedance through the headphone output ports to support low-sensitivity headphones. They have also added Auto-Input mode, 32-Bit/768kHz bitrate support, and more features. The first batch of shipments will begin from 8th January and the second batch will be shipped starting 25th January 2021. The early bird deal of 179.90$ is also extended for three more days. Now is your last chance to order the Tone 2 Pro with the early bird discount. Grab it before the offer ends, check out more details here.

Tone 2 Pro-1

Updated Technical Specifications:-

Khadas has reduced the headphone output impedance from both the headphone output ports. They have also updated the THD+N ratings based on the average ratings from over 100 units. The Tone 2 Pro now supports PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz. Following is the updated values.

Output Impedance(3.5mm): <0.3Ω(Updated), 1.2Ω(Previously).

Output Impedance(4.4mm): <0.3Ω(Updated), 2.4Ω(Previously).

PCM Bit-rate: 32Bit/768kHz.

THD+N(32Ω): 0.000282%(-111dB).

THD+N(16Ω): 0.000398%(-108dB).

With such ultra-low impedance and THD+N distortion ratings, Tone 2 Pro provides better and improved support for low-sensitivity headphones.

Auto-Input Selection Mode:-

Based on a suggestion from Mike, a user on Khadas’s official forum, Khadas have implemented a new Auto-Input Selector mode. The default firmware will automatically switch the input mode when it detects active music. By default, the input is set to “Auto” mode. Users can also manually select the input mode using the volume knob.

Tone 2 Pro-2

The priority order for Auto Input mode is I2S>USB>S/PDIF. When the input is set to “Auto” and a song is playing on Bluetooth (I2S), the Tone2 Pro will automatically switch from S/PDIF or USB to I2S input. Once your song on I2S stops playing, Tone2 Pro will switch back to either USB or S/PDIF.

Software Volume Adjustment:-

Tone 2 Pro-3

Khadas has originally planned to feature XMOS software volume support, but some users could be confused by both Software Volume and Hardware Analog Volume. Therefore, the pre-installed firmware only supports Hardware Analog Volume adjustment. They will be releasing a separate firmware on their official website for the users who wish to use both Volume controls in their Tone 2 Pro. So do check here for any update regarding the firmware.

S/PDIF Output:-

Tone 2 Pro-4

With the pre-installed firmware, the Tone 2 Pro doesn’t support SPDIF output. But a special firmware will be made available on our website to support “S/PDIF Out”. MQA decoding requires too many XU216 processor cores and the S/PDIF out firmware will not support MQA decoding. That’s a sacrifice you have to make if you want to use the S/PDIF output with the Tone 2 Pro. The “S/PDIF out “ firmware will be available to download from our website here for interested users. Please note S/PDIF Out can support PCM decoding up to 24Bit/192kHz. Also note that you will require a “Balanced RCA to Single-End RCA Adapter” to use S/PDIF Out, as Tone2 Pro uses the standard (single-end) RCA cable for S/PDIF Coaxial Input.

Shipping Update:-

As stated earlier, the first batch of shipments will begin on 8th January 2021. You get another chance to grab the awesome Tone 2 Pro for the early bird price of 179.90$. It will be available at an early bird offer only for the next three days. The second batch of shipments will begin from 25th January 2021. We hope you get yours today!!! Wish you a happy new year and happy holidays!!

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