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Khadas Tone 2 Pro Officially Launching on Hifigo!!

HiFi Game Changer: Khadas Tone 2 Pro Officially Launching on Hifigo!!

Khadas Technology Co., Ltd, commonly known as Khadas, the makers of high-end single board computers and HiFi audio products have unveiled their highly anticipated successor to the popular Tone Board Hi-Fi DAC, called the Tone 2 Pro. The Tone Board DAC became famous worldwide after it received glowing reviews on AudioScienceReview.com, for its unbeatable Hi-Fi audio quality at an equally jaw-dropping price of just 99$. The Tone Board has become a darling of both audiophiles and casual listeners globally, bringing the once-exclusive Hi-Fi music experience to the masses.

Khadas has collaborated with Hifigo for the worldwide release of their latest Tone 2 Pro DAC system. Pre-orders will begin on 16th December 2020. 

To celebrate the release of upcoming Khadas Tone 2 Pro presented by Khadas and HiFiGo, We are giving away a unit of the Tone 2 Pro!! Now is your chance to be the first person in the world to experience this excellent device.

 Upcoming Khadas Tone2 Pro Giveaway



Meet the all-new Tone 2 Pro:-

Khadas Tone 2 Pro-1

Tone 2 Pro continues on the noble principle of offering high-fidelity sound reproduction at an affordable price. Equipped with a high-end ES9038Q2M DAC chip along with 4xOPA1612 operational amplifiers, the Tone 2 Pro allows its users to enjoy high-fidelity music with native DSD and high-bitrate PCM decoding support. This cute little device is capable of fully decoding MQA files without any trouble. The USB signal reception is handled by the latest generation XMOS XU216 chip offering unmatched performances.

Khadas Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated to delivering high-quality sound to its users. The Tone 2 Pro is carefully crafted using the best components to deliver a soothing melodious sound enveloping our ears to create our own personal audio space.

Over the past 2 years of Tone Board DAC 1 sales, Khadas has learned a lot from their consumer feedbacks. The Tone 2 Pro retains the high-quality audio reproduction of the Tone Board DAC whilst incorporating many new features like MQA Support, Native DSD decoding, and much more. Check out the complete feature list below.

Khadas Tone 2 Pro-2


>Tone 2 Pro continues on with the time-tested ESS ES9038Q2M DAC chip.

>Updated the USB signal receiver chip to the latest XMOS XU216.

>Seamless hardware MQA decoding.

>Native DSD512 Decoding, PCM decoding up to 32Bit/384kHz.

>Cute little device, size equivalent to that of a credit card. Take your HiFi music setup with your anywhere, anytime.

>Physical rotate-push encoder allows for mode-selection and volume control.

>Left and right balanced RCA jacks for transmitting a balanced analog signal via Line-out.

>RGB volume ring light.

>Dual USB-C ports for separate signal input and power. Can be used with an optional 5V linear power supply.

>Additional 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced headphone jacks for sharing your music with friends or loved ones.

Khadas Tone 2 Pro-3

The Tone 2 Pro DAC takes the legacy of the Tone Board DAC forward with these latest features keeping the DAC up to date with today’s market. It delivers what it promises, an unmatched HiFi sound quality experience at a really attractive price. It will be officially launched on HiFigo on 16th December. Please register yourself from the giveaway above to avail the early bird price of 169.9$. Shipments will begin shortly after 16th December 2020 according to the order number sequence. 

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