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Khadas Tone 2 Pro MCU and XMOS Firmware V1.2 Upgrade

Khadas Tone 2 Pro MCU and XMOS Firmware V1.2 Upgrade

Khadas has released its latest V1.2 XMOS firmware update along with its new MCU firmware for the advanced Tone 2 Pro DAC system. You should update if you have Tone 2 Pro from the first or second batch, serial number of these batches start with either 0C or 11. These two upgrades(V1.2XMOS and MCU) when used in combination will fix several issues such as the audio filters, and high noise-floor with 44.1kHz and 48kHz respectively. Newer batches that are available with us now are already upgraded with these and don’t need to proceed with this process.

Khadas Tone 2 Pro-1


New MCU Firmware:-

>Fixed Audio Filters(White Noise).

>Fixed 44.1 & 48kHz Sweep(THD+N).

>Fixed Mono Signal(Low Probability).

>Enabled MCU Upgrade via USB DFU.

XMOS Firmware V1.2:-

>Enabled MCU Upgrade Via USB DFU.

Khadas Tone 2 Pro-2

Users can follow the easy and simple steps provided here on Khadas Tone 2 Pro Forum and upgrade the MCU and XMOS Firmware for their device. You can also watch the entire process on the video below.

The Tone 2 Pro is a revolutionary Desktop DAC/AMP system with high-performance audio decoding capabilities in a sleek and beautiful form factor. This was a necessary upgrade bringing improvements in low bitrate noise floor management and capabilities to upgrade the MCU in the future via USB connections. If you purchase the Tone 2 Pro from now onwards you don’t need to perform this upgrade as new batches are already loaded with the new firmware. You can check out more details about Khadas Tone 2 Pro here.

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