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KBEAR Releases Ormosia Dual Driver(1DD+1BA) Hybrid IEMs

KBEAR Releases Ormosia Dual Driver(1DD+2BA) Hybrid IEMs

KBEAR has unveiled its latest triple-driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors, the KBEAR Ormosia. It’s a unique name for a uniquely designed pair featuring a simple straight-down wearing pattern, small ergonomic ear shells, triple-driver hybrid setup(1DD+2BA), professional tuning adjustments, 4-core high-quality durable cable, and many more features. Ormosia brings a new generation of high-fidelity IEMs with KBEAR.

KBEAR Ormosia-1

KBEAR Ormosia comes at an attractive price point of 99$.

KBEAR Ormosia gets a specially designed package. Using Cheongsam and geometric patterns in bright Chinese Red color shade. It gets an innovative package where the earphones are placed in a special position to make it look like the button on Cheongsam. The middle and bottom parts of the package has got the product information printed selectively. 

KBEAR Ormosia-2

KBEAR Ormosia features a 10mm custom dynamic driver paired with dual composite balanced armature drivers on each side. KBEAR brings a powerful lower end from the custom dynamic driver unit with the help of a composite diaphragm. The balanced armatures here promises a high-resolution clarity with crisp vocals and detailed instruments. KBEAR has professionally adjusted the tuning of the Ormosia to complement different genres of music and cater to the requirements of different users.

KBEAR Ormosia-3

Ormosia has got a special ergonomic and compact shape for its ear shells. They are designed to be worn in a cable straight down manner. KBEAR has designed the shells using high-quality 6000 series aluminum alloy material. They are made using a high-precision five-axis CNC machining process for a refined and premium finish. The pair comes bundled with a high-quality 4-core silver-plated copper cable. It features standard MMCX connectors and 3.5mm termination.

KBEAR Ormosia is priced at 99$, feel free to check out more information here.

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