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KBEar BElieve Pure Beryllium Diaphragm IEM Available Now On HiFiGo!!

KBEar BElieve Pure Beryllium Diaphragm IEM Available Now On HiFiGo!!

KBEar has officially released its latest KBEar Believe HiFi in-ear monitors on HiFiGo. The pair is said to feature a pure Beryllium Diaphragm material that is imported from Japan, in its 9mm dynamic driver unit. It is their flagship model as the brand has previously focused primarily on the budget segment. Beryllium is actually a very premium material that is very rare, it is lightweight, rigid, and perform better than other common diaphragms such as Titanium, Nanometer, Polymer, etc. The pair has a price tag of 180$, which is quite good considering its brilliant performance and high-quality craftsmanship of the pair. Check out more details on our store here.

KBEar Believe-1


>Strong Magnetic Dynamic Driver Unit.

>Pure Beryllium Diaphragm Material.

>DD Long Stroke Design.

>Five-axis CNC machine Aviation Aluminium Ear Shell Material.

>Gradiented Carbon Fiber Panel.

>Pressure Relief on Front & Rear Chambers.

>Tuned by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

>6N monocrystalline copper cable.

>Impedance: 17Ω.

>Sensitivity: 98dB.

>Frequeny response range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Two-pin 0.78mm Connectors.

Pure Beryllium Diaphragm:-

KBEar Believe-2

Pure Beryllium is a precious material that has brilliant rigidness, and lightweight. It is a perfect material for diaphragm in high-end earphones as it provides a smooth movement of the diaphragm coil with unique quick speed. The pair performs exceptionally well producing a sound level far superior to the other IEMs in its price range. To maintain the air pressure balance inside the Ear shells, KBEar has professionally designed a front and rear chamber balance pressure relief technology.

Premium N52 Neodymium Magnet:-

KBEAR Believe-3

The KBEar Believe features N52 Neodymium strong magnets. It provides a great increase in the magnetic flux with up to 92.8% over other IEMs in its price range. This greatly improves the sound output with better dynamics, better transient performance, and other high-end features.

Long Stroke DD Design:-

In KBEar Believe the DD structure adopts a long-stroke design that has greater linear displacement, lower distortion, and punchy quick low-frequencies. The pair complements different genres of music well making it an all-rounder music IEMs.

Professional Tuning:-

KBEar Believe-4

KBEar Believe is tuned by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the audio industry. Enjoy hi-res music with quick deep bass, lovely, detailed vocals, smooth non-fatiguing treble response, and a super-wide soundstage. The pair shows no signs of sibilance or fatiguing even at loud volume levels.

Excellently Crafted Beautiful Ear Shells:-

KBEar Believe features super beautiful and well-built ear shells using a five-axis CNC machining process. The cavity is made up of aerospace-grade high-strength aluminum alloy. With a scientifically designed internal design, the pair effectively suppresses resonance and enhances the overall sound cohesion.

High-Purity Cable:-

KBEar Believe features a premium audio cable. It is made up of 4 strands of 40-core 6N Furukawa monocrystalline copper Litz cable. The cable is of superb quality offering very low internal resistance to the audio signal traveling from the source to the IEMs. It has universal 2-pin 0.78mm connectors for a secure connection with the IEMs.

KBEar Believe-5

Price & Availability:-

The KBEar Believe is ready to order from our store at a price of 180$. Check out more details here. Shipments have already begun, grab yours today and the product will be shipped ASAP.

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