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JUZEAR Clear Brand New Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With 10mm LCP Driver Unit

JUZEAR Clear Brand New Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With 10mm LCP Driver Unit

JUZEAR is a new and emerging brand in the Chinese market. With only a few products under their name so far, JUZEAR has made a great name in the international market. Their JUZEAR 41T multi-driver hybrid driver IEMs are getting rave reviews online. Today, JUZEAR has introduced a brand new single-dynamic driver IEM, presenting the all-new JUZEAR Clear.

JUZEAR Clear-1

JUZEAR Clear has a pocket-friendly price tag of just 49.90$, Check out more information here. It is also available on our Amazon US and Amazon Japan stores.

Clear houses a large 10mm high-performance dynamic driver unit on each side. It adopts a high-quality LCP(Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm coil. Powered by strong N52 magnets, a large black voice coil, and a dual-cavity magnetic circuit design, the JUZEAR Clear promises quality sound reproduction with clearer details, impressive clarity, and lower distortion.

JUZEAR Clear-2

JUZEAR has designed the cavities here with a stunning designer look. The design inspiration for the Clear comes from the Sea, the deep blue sea is full of life and mysteries. It is beautifully depicted in the stunning face covers of the pair. Through professional tuning adjustments, JUZEAR Clear has been adjusted to deliver quality sound with strong lower end, accurate midrange response, and transparent high-frequencies. It is suitable for a variety of genres from Pop to Rock, Folk to Electronic, etc.

JUZEAR Clear-3

JUZEAR has designed the Clear with a high-quality skin-friendly resin material. The shells are crafted using DLP high-precision 3D printing technology. It is made up of composite material that provides a smooth and shiny look. JUZEAR bundles the Clear with a high-purity 6N single-crystal copper wire. It is a thick cable with 18AWG wire cores. JUZEAR has designed it for reliable performance and amazing aesthetics. Clear is an outstanding pair of IEMs that deliver quality sound without breaking the bank. Launched officially for just 49.90$, check out more details here.

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