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JamesDonkey 008 7.1Ch Virutal Sound Gaming Headset

JamesDonkey 008 7.1Ch Virutal Sound Gaming Headset

JamesDonkey is an established name in the PC Peripheral industry. The brand is mainly focused on the design and marketing of premium quality gaming accessories such as gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and gaming headsets. We are proudly launching their very latest JamesDonkey 008 wired gaming headset. The JamesDonkey 008 is a 7.1 Ch surround sound gaming headset that provides you with accurate and precise sound delivery. Hear every gunshot, feel every movement on the map, and defeat your competition with an immersive sound delivered by the JamesDonkey 008!!

JamesDonkey 008-1

JamesDonkey 008 headset is launched officially for 62.99$, available in two beautiful colour options. Know more details here. It’s also available on our MechKeys store here.

JamesDonkey 008 headset has an innovative mechanical design. It has been designed with the attractive and comfortable concept of aviation-grade headphones. The headset is comfortable and lightweight. The ear cups easily adjust to the ears and provide great comfort. The headset houses a large 53mm dynamic driver unit. It produces a powerful sound with a hard-hitting bass response and a massive soundstage. The tuning has been adjusted for ultimate clarity and resolution that helps you get involved in your games. JamesDonkey 008 enhances your gaming experience with its enhanced clarity delivering you every minute detail with precision.

JamesDonkey 008-2

In order to give it a proper gaming touch, the JamesDonkey 008 has got a brilliant RGB aperture ring on top of the knob. It produces clear, bright, Vivid breathing RGB light that looks tempting to say the least. The headset has a detachable microphone that users can connect when required or simply detach when it is not required, It houses 7mm large sized anti-noise microphone for clear voice communication with your teammates. JamesDonkey 008 is a fantastic gaming headset that provides exceptional gaming experience. You get comfortable build, massive sound profile, and impressive RGB elements as well. Be ahead of your competition in esports or simply enjoy your gaming sessions with its outstanding sound. The 008 is priced quite attractively at just 62.99$, you can buy here.

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