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Jaben Oriolus SE02 Five-Frequency Equalizer With Balanced 4.4mm Connections

Jaben Oriolus SE02 Five-Frequency Equalizer With Balanced 4.4mm Connections

Jaben Oriolus is a name usually associated with high-end audio gadgets. They are a premium HiFi audio brand from Japan and have a huge collection of IEMs, and Digital Audio Players as well. Jaben Oriolus has now just released a brand new portable five-frequency graphic equalizer, the Jaben Oriolus SE02. SE02 is a unique device that allows you to adjust the output response from your digital audio player and adjust the tuning to your preferences and liking. It is very useful for enthusiasts who love to play with their IEMs and experiment with different styles. The SE02 provides easy adjustment for five different frequency sections covering the most prominent areas in the output.

Oriolus SE02-1

Jaben Oriolus is launched officially for 259$, you can check out more details here.

The Oriolus SE02 allows easy adjustment for five frequency regions. It starts at 63Hz then goes ahead with 330Hz, 1kHz, 3.3kHz, and ends at 10kHz region. This actually covers all the frequency segments including lower-end, midrange, upper-midrange, lower-treble, and ultra-high frequencies bringing full control to the hands of the users. SE02 has independent control for left and right channels, all the five frequencies can be controlled on both left and right sides independently.

Oriolus SE02-2

The SE02 has a 4.4mm balanced input and output port. There is no volume control on the SE02 as it is not an amplifier. It uses the volume settings from the source device. The frequency section is done using high-quality ALPS sliding potentiometers. They have clean adjustments with no noticeable distortion introduced in the output signal. Oriolus SE02 is a unique device that can be paired with digital audio players and other sources and helps in adjusting the output through a graphic equalizer. The SE02 houses a large 4000mAh Battery that gives it a battery life of up to 10 hours with a single charge. Jaben Oriolus SE02 is launched officially for 259$, you can check out more information here.

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