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INTUAURA Luna Plume and View Splendor High-Performance In-Ear Monitors

INTUAURA Luna Plume and View Splendor High-Performance In-Ear Monitors

INTUAURA is a young and creative company with extensive experience in the hi-fi audio industry. With an innovative R&D team, the brand has committed to designing high-fidelity audio products with exceptional sonic capabilities. They aim to design quality products while going easy on the pocket. INTUAURA has debuted in the international market with two brand new in-ear monitors, presenting the INTUAURA Luna Series Plume and INTUAURA View Series Splendor. Both these products are designed with high-quality driver units and feature exclusively designed hand-painted ear shells. Let’s know both of these better. They are designed in collaboration with Mr. Xie Yu, a high-end driver manufacturer who has previously worked with famous brands including Sennheiser, B&O, and more. They offer class-leading performance with ultimate-quality sound reproduction and exclusive looks.

INTUAURA Luna Series Plume: The Poetic Art of Ink & Feathers!!

The INTUAURA Luna Plume is a poetic IEM featuring hand-drawn patterns on each unit. INTUAURA has featured a high-performance dynamic driver unit on the PLUME. It adopts a Diamond-like Nano-coated diaphragm for clear sound reproduction with low distortion and high clarity. The Driver here features a mature framework that has been finely tuned using A.W.C.T high-precision acoustic structure design. Just like the Ink and Feathers, glide onto the canvas and enjoy beautiful music with the INTUAURA Plume. The INTUAURA Plume is released officially for just $149, check out more details here.


INTUAURA has designed the Luna Series PLUME IEMs with a specially developed dynamic driver unit. The pair adopts high-quality DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon Diaphragm and N52 Neodymium magnetic circuit. Combined with the A.W.C.T technology, the driver produces a clear, crisp, detailed sound that will complement different genres of music well. The A.W.C.T Acoustic tuning tech absorbs excessive harmonic peaks, allowing for easy and controlled tuning strategies. INTUAURA has adjusted the tuning of the pair to achieve a tight, punchy bass response, clear vocal details, and well-separated instruments.

INTUAURA Luna Series Plume features ergonomic-shaped ear shells. The shells have premium hand-painted looks. Their Ergonomic shape enables a comfortable fit for the users. They are crafted using high-precision 3D printing technology. INTUAURA has worked closely with HeyGears, the biggest 3D printing brand in China to craft the pair with great precision and top-quality finish. INTUAURA Plume comes with an 8-strand thick silver-plated cable with 3.5mm termination and 0.78mm two-pin design.

INTUAURA Luna Series Plume offers outstanding sound, promising a rich and dynamic sound with low distortion. It complements different genres of music with its rich and smooth sound. INTUAURA has priced the Plume at an attractive price of 149$, get yours here.


INTUAURA View Series Splendor: Vivid, Lively, Single DD IEMs!!

The second launch today is the INTUAURA View Series Splendor, a beautifully crafted IEM with a single dd configuration. With its high-performance ultra-wideband single dynamic driver unit, the INTUAURA Splendor promises quality performance with a great level of precision and rich tone. The pair adopts a specially designed driver unit in collaboration with Mr. Xie Yu. INTUAURA featured its A.W.C.T Acoustic Tuning Technology with a precise acoustic structure design. Another key attraction for the INTUAURA View Series Splendor is its outstanding looks, the pair has unique hand-painted ear cavities with an ergonomic shape for comfortable fit. INTUAURA Splendor is released for $229.99. More information is available here.

INTUAURA View Splendor-1

Each unit of INTUAURA Splendor is crafted with great precision. The shells are crafted by HeyGears, one of the top 3D printing brands in the industry. The shells are semi-transparent in nature and have a unibody design promising a high-end, exquisite finish with a vivid hand-painted pattern. They are light in weight and have an ergonomic shape promising a comfortable wearing experience. INTUAURA Splendor is engineered by Mr. Tang. The pair adopts a radical tuning approach. With the help of A.W.C.T Acoustic Tuning Technology, the pair achieves a strong, powerful lower-end, clear midrange reproduction, and extended treble performance. The pair has balanced and lively sound profile with lively vocals and fast, punchy bass response.

INTUAURA View Splendor-2

INTUAURA Splendor comes packed with a high-quality stock cable. Just like the Plume, the Splendor also has 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. We get a high-purity copper 16-strand cable with standard 3.5mm termination for easy connectivity with different sources. INTUAURA Splendor is a special IEM designed with special dynamic driver and unique hand-painted cavities. We are pretty sure audiophiles are going to love this stunning set, not just for its looks, but also for its outstanding sonic capabilities. It’s available with us priced at just $229.99. You can get yours here.

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