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Introducing Sivga Oriole: A Classic RoseWood Headphone With In-House Developed 50mm Dynamic Driver

Introducing Sivga Oriole: A Classic RoseWood Headphone With In-House Developed 50mm Dynamic Driver

With so many successful products under their name, Sivga has become a well-recognized name in the HiFi audio industry today. Primarily, Sivga deals in the design, development, sale, and marketing of premium Wooden headphones mostly made using hand-crafted techniques. Today, Sivga has introduced an all-new pair of premium wooden headphones into its ever-growing catalog, meet the all-new Sivga Oriole.

Sivga Oriole-1

Launched in two different color options, Black and Brown, The latest Sivga Oriole is priced at 199$. Check out more information here.

Sivga Oriole is a marvelously crafted pair of closed-back headphones. It features premium CNC machined hand-crafted Rosewood housings that protect an in-house developed 50mm dynamic driver unit. The wooden housings here have got a rich glossy piano finish with Sivga Logo engraved on them. Over the years, Sivga has gained expertise in designing premium wooden headphones. This is reflected with the new Oriole as the headphone has got a beautiful texture with a smooth glossy finish. The headphone adopts high-quality super-soft memory foam earpads and a leather headband for a super comfortable wearing experience.

Sivga Oriole-2

Oriole looks magnificent with its wooden housings and metallic headband frame. The ear cups can rotate at their place with a maximum 180° angle. Sivga has tuned the Oriole for a balanced, natural, accurate sound presentation. With professional tuning adjustments, the Oriole achieves a properly balanced sound with a wide soundstage and excellent instrument separation. It complements different genres of music with its rich tonality and professional tuning. Oriole comes with a detachable cable. This cable has standard 3.5mm termination plug. The headphone is pretty easy to power, you can drive it using portable DAC/AMPs, DAPs, etc.

Sivga Oriole-3

The beautiful Sivga Oriole presents you with high-resolution music with style. With its exceptional looks, and beautiful sound, you are in for an amazing experience!! Sivga has launched the Oriole for just 199$, make sure you drop by here for more information.

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