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IKKO OH2: Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With 8mm Beryllium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver

IKKO OH2: Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With 8mm Carbon Deposited Dynamic Driver

IKKO Audio is a famous HiFi earphone brand based in China. They won the heart of audio lovers all around the globe with their outstanding OH1 and OH10 earphones. Today, they have announced their latest single-dynamic driver earphones with the brand new IKKO OH2. OH2 features an 8mm carbon deposited dynamic driver. IKKO is known for its well-crafted metallic ear shells. They designed extremely beautiful and sturdy cavities for all the previous models. With the OH2 they take it another step forward with a gorgeous Metal+transparent polycarbonate ear shell design. The pair has a small transparent portion on the cavities that complements the look of the pair. The pair adopts a newly-developed 24K gold-plated board to optimize the microcurrent that greatly reduces the distortion in the output signal. As per the brand, the OH2 delivers outstanding performance with a warm-neutral sound tuning. IKKO OH2 is currently available on pre-order with us at an attractive price tag of just 79$, check out more details here.



>Powerful 8mm dynamic driver with Carbon Deposited Structure.

>Gold-plated FPC unit wire.

>Elliptical sound nozzle for a comfortable fit.

>Standard MMCX interface.

>Ikko’s self-developed SVAS Technology.

>Impedance: 32Ω.

>Sensitivity: 105dB.

Explore High-Resolution Sound With IKKO’s Self-Developed SVAS Technology:-

IKKO has featured its self-developed SVAS(Separating Vector Acoustic System) technology in the latest OH2. It was also featured in their recently launched OH1S that is getting positive feedback from the community. With a precisely designed acoustic cavity structure, the SVAS Technology elevates the sound and unit performance by accurately managing the diffusion and reflection of the sound signal inside the cavity structure.


Explore True High-Resolution Sound With A Single Dynamic Driver Configuration:-

IKKO OH2 adopts an 8mm dynamic driver per side. It has a carbon deposited structure for supreme performance. The pair is tuned by professional acoustic engineers to deliver a smooth, natural sound with a slight touch of warmth. OH2 delivers a satisfying bass response with natural vocals and an energetic treble region.

Supreme Comfort & Exquisite Craftsmanship:-

IKKO Audio is well-known for its outstanding craftsmanship. All of their previously released IEMs have stunning looks. The OH2 is no different here, it features exquisite metal and polycarbonate mixed ear cavities. Both the earpieces have a transparent window-type design that shows us a glimpse of the professional craftsmanship of IKKO. The pair is available in five stunning color options including Violet, Green, Beige, White, and Black. The pair provides a comfortable fit thanks to its elliptical nozzle design and lightweight aesthetics.

Ikko OH2-3

Pricing & Availability:-

IKKO OH2 is currently available on pre-order at an attractive price tag of 79$, check out more details about the OH2 here.

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Rolfathan - July 18, 2022

“attractive price tag of just 79$,”

Ikko’s own website is now claiming it’s $140. Yeesh. Every article I had seen on it was saying it was going to be $80. Hifigo (as of writing this) is still selling it for the MSRP, at least. I wanted to wait for actual reviews though.

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