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iFi iDSD Diablo Latest Portable DAC/AMP Available For Pre-Order

iFi iDSD Diablo Latest Portable DAC/AMP officially released worldwide

iFi Audio is a very well known name in the industry. The brand is the leading manufacturer of high-class DAC and AMP systems in the market. Last weekend at the 5th Annual E&C tech event organized here at Shenzhen Bay, China, they revealed their latest iFi iDSD Diablo portable DAC/AMP. It is officially released worldwidely at Jan, 15th and shipment start soon.

Meet The All-New iFi iDSD Diablo:-

Your search for a clean, powerful DAC/AMP might end with the iFi iDSD Diablo. The iFi iDSD Diablo is a super-powerful device equipped with a reliable Burrbrown audio signal decoding chip and a fully balanced 4.4mm headphone output. It can be connected to the source device via USB 3.0, 3.5mm(Coaxial, Optical) inputs with Windows PC and Android/iOS devices. It will surely take your audio experience to an all-new level with support for almost all Hi-res formats. The Diablo can decode PCM up to 32-Bit/768kHz, and DSD up to DSD512 natively. With its high-end performance, the Diablo costs just 899$. 


>High-performance Burr-Brown DAC chip.

>Supports PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz.

>Supports DSD decoding up to DSD512 natively.

>Fully balanced 4.4mm output.

>6.35mm single-ended output.

>Direct-Drive Circuitry & Headamp Turbo.

>Premium OS-CON Polymer capacitors and Panasonic audiophile-grade ECPU film capacitors.

>Frequency response: 10Hz-80kHz(-3dB).

>SNR, Dynamic Range (Balanced): -120dB.

>SNR, Dynamic Range(Single-ended): -114dB.

>THD+N(Bal): 0.002%.

>THD+N(Single-Ended): 0.001%.

>Output Power(Balanced): Up to 19.2V/611mW @ 600Ω, Up to 12.6V/4980mW @ 32Ω.

>Output Power(Single-ended): Up to 9.6V/153mW @ 600Ω, Up to 8.8V/2417mW @ 32Ω.

>Battery: 4800mAh.

>Power Consumption: 12W(Turbo), 5W(Normal), 2W(ECO).

>Charging Via iFi iPower included in the package.

Reliable Burr Brown Decoding Chip:-

Burr-Brown DAC chips have been a reliable partner for a long time. iFi has equipped its latest iDSD Diablo(the Red Devil) with a high-performance Burr-Brown DAC chipset. It offers splendid audio signal decoding performance with ultra-low distortion and high SNR ratings. The audio chipset also consists of premium components like Panasonic audiophile-grade ECPU film capacitors, OS-CON Polymer capacitors, for consistent performance.

Bring Life To Your Demanding Headphones:-

Experience the full potential of your most demanding headphones with the iFi iDSD Diablo. Featuring Direct-Drive Circuitry and three modes, Eco, Normal, and Headamp Turbo, the device has a maximum output power of up to 12.6V/4980mW @ 32Ω through its balanced port. It can easily power your demanding headphones with up to 600Ω impedance ratings.

High-Resolution Decoding:-

The equipped Burr-Brown DAC chip provides impeccable decoding capabilities to the Diablo. It supports PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz and DSD decoding up to DSD512 natively. With the premium audio chipset, the device achieves super low distortion ratings of just 0.002%.

Fully Balanced Output:-

Along with the regular single-ended 6.35mm headphone output port, the latest iDSD Diablo also features a fully balanced 4.4mm headphone output. Pair your favorite headphones with a balanced 4.4mm cable to experience the true power of this red beast.

Supports USB and SPDIF Input:-

Feed the hi-res audio signal to the Diablo through the USB Type-A(USB 3.0/2.0) port or the 3.5mm(Coaxial/Optical) port.

Large Battery:-

The iFi iDSD Diablo is loaded with a large 4800mAh battery for long music sessions. For charging, the device features a separate USB Type-C port and comes bundled with a 5V iFi iPower adapter.

iFi iDSD Diablo-2

Pricing & Availability:-

The iFi iDSD Diablo has a price tag of 899$, Shipments will start on 20th January 2021. Check out more details here.

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