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Ibasso DX220 MAX Player Released at New Year

Ibasso DX220 MAX Player Released at New Year

IBasso DX220 MAX music player launched at the first day of the New year. Along with DX220 Max, there are another two babies launched by the company, SR2 dynamic headphones, and CR01 TWS Bluetooth ear hook. 

DX220 MAX music player 

1.  DX220 MAX adopts the solution of power supply of analog and digital by independent circuit and independent charging management system respectively for the power supply. The digital and analog partial control and communication are fully isolated and free of interference by optocoupler and I2C isolation devices.


2. The AMP is powered by  +/ -8.4v high-voltage battery pack without boost in the whole process. 

3. Based on the success of AMP8 card, DX220 max optimizes the superclass amplifier circuit to eliminate the transistor switch distortion, reduce heat and power consumption much. 

4. 4.4mm balanced LO/PO+3.5mm single end PO output, single-end maximum output 4.4vrms, balance maximum output 8.8vrms, 4.4mm balanced LO output 4.4vrms.

5. DX220 max is built with Kemet high polymer tantalum capacitors and Toshin UTSJ, Panasonic, Nichicon, Amtrans, etc Japanese audio capacitors. 

6. Customized 4-connected analog potentiometer. Tolerance is controlled within 2dB.

Ibasso SR2 headphone

Carbon fiber hyphae diaphragm

Tesla magnetic circuit design

CCAW suspended driver

3.5mm changeable jack

Structure: fully open
Frequency response range: 3hz-40khz
Sensitivity: 108dB at 1KHz
Impedance: 24 ohm
Distortion: <1% (at 1kHz /1mW)

Ibasso CF01 Bluetooth ear hook

1. CF01 adopts the independent earphone chip to enhance the current output capacity. CF01 could power  low imepdance earphone better much better than the regular TWS. 

2. Qualcomm QCC3020 bluetooth 5.0 chip is adopted.

3.CF01 could  extend the battery life to 24H with charing case. 

4. IPX5 waterproof

5. Adjust the radian and length of the ear repeatedly according to the ergonomics, so as to make the wearing more reliable and improve the experience of wearing for a long time.

6. Using the new expansion MMCX pin, the service life is 4 times that of the ordinary MMCX.

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