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iBasso DC-Elite: The Ultimate Portable DAC/AMP is here!!

iBasso DC-Elite: The Ultimate Portable DAC/AMP is here!!

iBasso is one of the big names in the hi-fi audio market. As we all know, iBasso specializes in the portable market with a range of portable DAC/AMPs, portable HiFi audio players, in-ear monitors, and more. Portable USB DAC/AMPs are kind of their forte because the “DC” series by iBasso is one of the leading series of portable USB DAC/AMPs. Today, we are super excited to bring you the very latest in the series with the launch of the all-new iBasso DC-Elite. DC-Elite is something special, something extraordinary, it’s not just any other portable DAC/AMP in the market. iBasso has designed this one as a miniaturized version of their flagship DX320 Max audio player. It’s an ultimate flagship-grade DAC/AMP that promises exceptional sound performance in a portable form factor.

iBasso DC-Elite

iBasso DC-Elite is launched officially for 499.99$, you can check out more information here.

The DC-Elite brings the goodness of ROHM’s latest flagship BD34301EKV 32-Bit DAC Chipset. Their flagship DX320 Max also adopts this same chip at its core.  It promises exceptional sound signal decoding with outstanding THD+N Distortion control and ultra-clear background with exceptional SNR and DNR performance. The DAC Architecture here is designed as a complete flagship-level audio player, like we have a dedicated LPF circuit, dedicated I/V Conversion circuit, etc. It features an in-house developed FPGA algorithm. It utilizes independent NDK Femtosecond oscillators that provide exceptionally low jitter leading to minimal distortion and promising quality output.

iBasso DC-Elite-2

iBasso DC-Elite revamps the traditional 24-position, 4-section stepped attenuator, by compressing the volume to one-tenth of the size of the original attenuator. It ensures we get consistent performance with proper balance between the left and right channels. The attenuator design is also identical to the one that was specially crafted for the flagship DX320 Max. We have a solid build and a premium finish with the device as it has a CNC-machined titanium alloy chassis. Titanium as a material is really solid, we get a robust build and, premium finish, and the durability is also amazing.

iBasso DC-Elite-3

The DC-Eltie integrates nicely into the UAC app developed by iBasso. It helps you to play around with different filter settings including multiple DSD filters etc. We have a multi-color LED Indicator light that glows into different colors based on the active playback bitrate. iBasso DC-Elite supports high-resolution audio signals supporting up to 32-bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 audio signals. For headphone connections, we have dual output ports on the DC-Elite. The device features a 4.4mm balanced and a 3.5mm single-ended output ports. the 3.5mm port also has coaxial output support. iBasso packs the DC-Elite with a strong amp section providing. up to 280mW of clean output through the 4.4mm output port.

iBasso DC-Elite-4

The iBasso DC-Elite is something special. This device is an ultimate portable DAC/AMP that is all set to blow you away with its ultimate performance. Get the DC-Elite for yourself today for just 499.99$, you can check out more details here.

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