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IBasso AM05 5 Balanced Armature Knowles Earphones  upcoming | Hifigo

IBasso AM05 5 Balanced Armature Knowles Earphones upcoming | Hifigo

Ibasso has announced a new pair of HiFi earphones for audiophiles - AM05. The Ibasso AM05 HiFi Earphones have 5 Knowles balanced armature units to achieve a more “true” sound signature, together with a very nice 1.2m silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable. 

Am05 opts high-performance audio transmission with 4 channel stereo surround sound effect. 4 channel frequency division technology lets us accurately pinpoint the slightest sounds from all directions. It could deliver us an immersive experience through the high-fidelity cinematic and musical sound reproduction. 

Also, the earphones feature gold-plated MMCX connectors with thicker coatings. The new connectors should improve connection, last longer and withstand four times the insertions of standard MMCX connectors. It is stated that the connectors can be easily replaced if they break or get damaged.

The iBasso AM05 looks like a universally shaped custom monitor, but the hand-polished shape is generic so that it can fit all types of ear shapes out there. The shell material is transparent resin and it’s very very smooth overall at only 6.6g per bud. It has a semi-transparent light blue faceplate design. There is no other color choice yet.  

Ibasso AM05 earphones use a thin film capacitor to avoid interruption from vibration and electronic components, promise a lower distortion than the ceramic capacitor and bring us clearer and more detailed sound performance. 

The Ibasso AM05 HiFi Earphones is already available for pre-order online up until November 10. It will be available for purchase on November 11. The price is ¥1899 and those who pre-order will have to pay a deposit  ¥100. The balance should then be paid between 1:00 and 23:59 on November 11. And shipment will be released in 3days after full payment. Those living outside China can reserve it from Hifigo.com.
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