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iBasso 3T-154 Brand New IEMs with Large 15.4mm Dynamic Driver and 3T Magnetic Force

iBasso 3T-154 Brand New IEMs with Large 15.4mm Dynamic Driver and 3T Magnetic Force

iBasso needs no introduction among audiophiles, the brand is very well known for its exquisite range of products including Portable Audio players, IEMs, USB DAC/AMPs, etc. Today, iBasso has come up with a brand-new IEM, presenting the all-new iBasso 3T-154, a unique name for a specially designed set of IEMs. Yes, the 3T-154 is a specially crafted IEM as it features a uniquely developed large 15.4mm diaphragm dynamic driver unit with a whooping magnetic force of approx. 3 Tesla. iBasso has in-house developed this driver unit with a Beryllium-coated diaphragm for enhanced rigidity and performance. The high-power 3T magnetic flux provides exceptionally strong output with fast dynamics, and sensitivity, and also promises ultra-low distortion in the output signal. Are you ready to experience the magic that the iBasso 3T-154 holds with its special dynamic driver? Let’s know more about the same.

iBasso 3T-154-1

iBasso 3T-154 is launched officially for just $149, a great price for a great set of IEMs. Check out more details here.

The main and core attraction of the 3T-154 is its specially developed dynamic driver unit. The pair has high-quality beryllium-coated diaphragm. With its large 15.4mm size and high-quality Beryllium-coating, the Diaphragm movement is swift and consistent. iBasso has equipped a strong magnetic circuit on the set that produces a maximum flux of up to 3Tesla force. In most IEMs, we get a maximum magnetic density of less than 1 Tesla. With three times the magnetic flux here on the 3T-154, the pair achieves easy drivability, low-distortion sound reproduction, swift movement for the diaphragm, and strong output. The strong magnetic force allows the driver to produce strong output with deep-hitting, impactful bass response, high-resolution wide frequency band response, etc.

iBasso 3T-154-2

iBasso has featured CNC-machined magnesium-alloy cavities on the 3T-154. The pair is light in weight and has a compact build structure, both of these factors contribute to achieving great comfort for the listeners. iBasso bundles the 3T-154 with a high-purity silver-plated copper stock cable. The cable is detachable with universal 2-pin connectors allowing the users to replace them in the future whenever required. It has a swappable termination plug system allowing you to use your preferred termination type with the pair. iBasso 3T-154 comes with two plugs in the package(3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced plugs).

iBasso 3T-154-3

iBasso 3T-154 packs a remarkable sound performance in a relatively simple and elegant package. The simple design might look sleek and elegant, but it packs a punch with its specially developed dynamic driver unit. The Magnesium alloy ear shells offer great comfort and easy wearing. We are super excited to experience the strong sound of the iBasso 3T-154, are you excited for the same? iBasso 3T-154 is available with us for just $149, you can book yours with us today.

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