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Huami Amazfit Powerbuds:- A Step Forward in Wireless Audio!!

Huami Amazfit Powerbuds:- A Step Forward in Wireless Audio!!

With the developments in science and technology, today Huami, a china based mobile phone brand launched a few new products in CES 2020.

Amazfit Powerbuds, a revolution in TWS earbuds:-

Today at CES 2020 on 8th January 2020(Beijing Time), the brand has launched a new TWS of earbuds, the Amazfit Powerbuds.

What blown up our minds was not the news of getting a new pair of TWS earbuds, yeah we know that there are many TWS earbuds available in the market, what new is that Amazfit somehow managed to put a Heart Rate Monitor in the True Wireless set of earbuds so you will be easily enjoying your music freely without wires and will be getting a regular heart rate monitoring too.

The Amazfit TWS uses a high sensitivity cymbal magnet with a high-end composite diaphragm that provides brilliant and amazing sound reproduction and with the help of beat enhancement mode, specially designed for sports, puts a bass tuning profile and gives a rhythmic sports music experience.

The Amazfit Powerbuds have a PPG Heart Rate Monitor, which monitors your exercise and workout routines regularly and keep an eye out for high heart rate risks. It broadcasts various exercise data such as heart rate, pace and time in real-time. so it also records your workout data just like smartwatches.

The earphone shell is designed by keeping sports usage in mind, the shell is processed with matte radium cravings which gives it a premium and good design.

The first Amazfit TWS earbuds are said to have a non-slipping magnetic ear hook design, so it will be very comfortable for different sports and activities as it won't be slipping out of your ears. The ear hook can be removed as per preference or while charging using the magnetic charging box.

The Amazfit TWS have a smart connecting feature which connects the earbuds as soon as you open the charging box.

The Amazfit powerbuds have a weight of just 7gms which is 30% less than the Power beats pro.

The Earpieces are said to have a battery life of 8 hours and with charging box they can last upto 24 hours. 

The Latest Amazfit TWS earbuds are said to have a tuning and sound production unit provided by JBL, which is again a well-known name in the audio equipment department, we are really looking forward to the release date of the said TWS earbuds as they sound really good and full of features.

The beautiful pair of TWS earbuds is available for only 99.90$ and will be able in February but you can pre-order for yourself at our store here.

 Other than this beautiful pair of wireless earbuds, Huami has also released a new smartwatch the Amazfit T-Rex.

Amazfit T-Rex Smart Watch:-

Amazfit has released a brand new smart watch, called the Amazfit T-Rex, it passes 12 different military tests, and makes it compatible and safe for different environments around the world whether it be extreme climate conditions or deep water levels.

It is a tough and clear smartwatch with 1.3 inch high definition screen with 360*360 resolution,which supports all weather display on the screen.

Overall it has a tough build quality with metal screws on the outer bezels, with raised outer body for better shock absorption with good silicone straps for good sweat conduction and provides comfort and durability.

The T-Rex has 50 meters water resistance, it can accurately record exercise data for indoor running, outdoor running, cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, outdoor cycling, trail riding and many more.

It can also track with Sony GPS chip, which is equipped with GLONASS dual star positioning chip and compass function.

It has a battery life of upto 20 days with daily usage and even with continuous heavy usage and GPS usage the battery can last for upto 20hours.

 Amazfit Smart Homestudio:-

Amazfit released a new home Gym studio with a smart gym hub and a treadmill with tracking abilities.

It helps one to keep track of their workout routine as well as workout habits while working out on the treadmill.

Amazfit Smart AirRun:-

Amazfit also released a new treadmill with smart tracking abilities and one button five second self folding habits.

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NIHAL - January 10, 2020

Nice and very informative article. Thanks for sharing in such detail.

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