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HIFIMAN Svanar: Brand New Flagship IEMs with 9.2mm Topology Diaphragm & Gold-Plated Brass Chamber Design

HIFIMAN Svanar: Brand New Flagship IEMs with 9.2mm Topology Diaphragm & Gold-Plated Brass Chamber Design

HIFIMAN is a well-reputed premium over-ear headphone brand from China. They have been in the industry for years now with multiple highly-acclaimed models under their name. Apart from Headphones, HIFIMAN also has a catalog of IEMs which also have a good name in the industry. Today, HIFIMAN has released its latest flagship pair of premium in-ear monitors, welcome the all-new HIFIMAN Svanar. Svanar is Swedish for “Swan”, a beautiful and elegant bird. HIFIMAN has designed the latest Svanar with full elegance and clean craftsmanship. The pair looks exquisite and provides a custom-fit like super comfortable wearing experience for the users. Svanar promises true high-fidelity sound with its 9.2mm specially-developed Topology Diaphragm dynamic driver unit.

HIFIMAN Svanar-1

HIFIMAN Svanar is priced at 1999$, you can check out more details here.

As mentioned earlier, Svanar features an elegant and beautiful cavity design. The pair features a dual-cavity design by taking full benefit of different materials used on its front and rear chambers. Svanar features 24K gold-plated brass front chamber which is connected to a high-quality aluminum alloy rear chamber. Brass has excellent properties when it comes to sound resonance and that greatly benefits the Svanar in achieving a high-fidelity sound performance. The pair comes equipped with a 9.2mm dynamic driver unit that adopts a specially-developed Topology diaphragm. Topology Diaphragm Driver refers to a specially developed diaphragm with a special nano-particle coating applied to its surface. The distribution of this coating has distinct geometric patterns, helping the brand to achieve its desired sound tuning profile with the pair.

HIFIMAN Svanar-2

HIFIMAN’s professional acoustic team has got years of expertise in designing premium IEMs and headphones. Their products are highly appreciated by seasoned audiophiles for their quality performance. For the Svanar, HIFIMAN has developed the pair with phase-conducting structure design technology which helps the pair to deliver outstanding sound output with a wide sound field, rich vocals, and crisp instrument notes. Each and everything from your music comes to life and has got a crisp defined presentation!! This complements different genres of music well.

HIFIMAN Svanar-3

HIFIMAN Svanar is launched officially for 1,999$. It’s going to be the new flagship IEM for HIFIMAN. Check out more details here.

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