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HiFiMan surprise: New headphones coming soon!!!

HiFiMan surprise: New headphones coming soon!!!

HiFiMan, A headphone manufacturing company founded in 2005, known for its high-end audio products, portable audio players, and excellent-sounding headphones that outperform many higher-priced assortments offered by their competition.

During that time, the company has always sought to develop and innovate, always refining and upgrading its lineup of headphones. And according to a recent leak, it looks like HiFiMan may upgrade one it’s signature headphones later this year.

The HiFiMan HE-400i headphone made its debut in early 2015, and over the years, it quickly became one of the best entry-level over-ear planar magnetic headphones. A standard recommendation for those seeking to experience their first planar magnetic sound, renowned for its clean bass, fast dynamics, and remarkably low distortion.

Thanks to a recent leak, A new photo has been spotted online featuring an upcoming HE-400i model, The HiFiMan HE-400i 2020.

Planar magnetic drivers:

Few details are available on the future planar magnetic Headphones, But according to our information source, Nothing was changed concerning the drivers, The new model will be exactly identical to the previous one in terms of tuning and sound quality.

New Headband:

The upgrade appears to be a cosmetic one. Namely, a newly redesigned headband carrying a resemblance to the headband found on their recently released wireless Bluetooth headphone, the HiFiMan Deva.

This updated and newly-designed headband features improved pressure patterns, lighter weight, and a more comfortable snugger fit.

This new improvement should allow for more comfort during long listening sessions in comparison with its predecessor.

The HE-400i headphones have a low impedance with moderate sensitivity. This makes them compatible with portable devices, but for the sake of better sound quality, a dedicated headphone amplifier is recommended.

The specific launch date is still unknown, and HiFiMan hasn’t released any official release date yet. But we will keep you updated as soon as we have any new information. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can know more about other HiFiMan headphones here.

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