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HiFiGo Mid-Year Sale: Offers On Your Favorite HiFi Audio Gears

HiFiGo Mid-Year Sale: Offers On Your Favorite HiFi Audio Gears

Greetings friends and fans,

HiFiGo is bringing you the best deals this week with our latest Mid-Year Sale!! This Sale will be live starting today at 3 PM Beijing Time and will last for a full five days till 25th June. We are bringing crazy deals on a wide range of products ranging from HiFi audio IEMs to premium audio players. Our prime week sale includes products from multiple brands including Shanling, FiiO, Astrotec, Topping, S.M.S.L, DUNU, BQEYZ, Audiosense, Gustard, Hidizs, and many more. So keep your wallets ready fellas, and be prepared for some crazy deals on your favorite audio products.

Mid-Year Sale

Top Deals During The Prime Week Sale:-

Softears RSV:-

Regular Price: 729.99$.

Sale Price: 656.99$.

Talk about a full-BA IEM and we all love the brilliant Softears RSV. Softears might sound like a new name, they are a sister brand to Moondrop focused on premium tier of audio products. RSV is their multi-BA offering that features five high-performance Balanced Armature drivers tuned by professional audio engineers for a reference-grade sound performance. The pair has received only praises from its users for its smooth, natural sound and elegant looks with its hand-crafted face panels. If you were eyeing the RSV by Softears, now is the right time to get yours with the Prime Week Sale price of just 656.99$, buy here.

Gustard X16:-

Price: 499.99$.

Sale Price: 449.99$.

Gustard X16 is a hot-selling Desktop DAC equipped with the latest generation ES9068AS Sabre DAC Chipset. It offers a fully balanced configuration and full MQA decoding support. Gustard has featured X16 with premium audio chips including XMOS XU216 16-core USB processor, OPA1612a OPAMPs, MELF Resistors, and many more audiophile-grade components to ensure high-quality audio performance. Gustard X16 also supports Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with High-resolution wireless codecs support. It is available on a sale price of 449.99$, order yours today here!!

Kinera Nanna:-

Price: 899$.

Sale Price: 809.10$.

Kinera Nanna laid the foundation of tribrid IEMs in their lineup. It is one of their best-selling IEMs featuring beautiful hand-painted ear cavities and a powerful four-driver tribrid configuration. The pair is equipped with highly-resolving Sonion EST drivers along with traditional BA and DD units. Kinera Nanna has received nothing but praises and positive feedbacks from its users ever since its release. Order Kinera Nanna for yourself today at a special price of 809.10$. Buy now here.

Topping A50s+D50s Desktop Stack:-

Price:- 219.99$(A50s)+249.99$(D50s).

Sale Price: 198.99$(A50s)+224.99$(D50s).

Topping has a great reputation in the audio industry for its high-quality desktop audio products. Quite recently they released an upgraded variant for their D50 and A50 DAC and headphone amp stack, known as D50s and A50s. We are offering a flat 10% discount on this stack during this prime week sale. Bring hi-resolution audio performance with high-quality ES9038Q2M D50s DAC and A50s balanced headphone amplifier. You can also purchase both of these separately, Buy D50s here and A50s here.

FiiO M15:-

Price: 1349$.

Sale Price: 1299$.

What’s a better flagship than FiiO’s M15 featuring Dual flagship AK4499 DAC chip and an open Android OS. The implementation of the AK4499EQ Dual DAC chipset in the M15 is extraordinary, supported by an advanced XMOS XU208 USB processor, dual independent femtosecond crystal oscillators from NDK Japan, full 8X MQA decoding support, professional ADC volume control, all coming together for industry-leading acoustic performance. You can grab M15 at an awesome price of 1299$, order yours here.

S.M.S.L SH9+SU9:-

Price: 289.99$(SH9)+459.99(SU9).

Sale Price: 260.99(SH9)+413.99$(SU9).

Want a high-tier desktop stack with MQA decoding, balanced connections, clean & powerful output? Well, look no further than the advanced S.M.S.L SH9+SU9 offering flagship-grade ES9038Pro DAC chip and output power of up to 6W that can power even the most demanding cans with ease. We are offering straight 10% off on both the SH9 and SU9 order them today and upgrade your audio experience. Buy SH9 here, and SU9 here.

Tri Starlight:-

Price: 799.99$.

Sale Price: 719.99$.

Have you checked the flagship Tri Audio Tribrid IEMs yet?? If not well now is your best chance. Get the flagship Tri Starlight today and bring a noticeable upgrade to your audio setup. Tri Starlight features beautiful earpieces housing a powerful 7 driver tribrid setup for unmatched performance. It brings three technologies together with four EST drivers, two Balanced Armature drivers and a dynamic driver bringing us an extraordinary experience. Make the Tri Starlight yours today here.


Price: 489.99$.

Sale Price: 440.99$.


DUNU EST112 is the latest quad-driver triple-hybrid pair of in-ear monitors. It is the first iteration from DUNU featuring the latest EST driver technology. The number boasts a four-driver tribrid configuration housing one large 13.5mm dynamic woofer, a high-performance Knowles balanced armature driver, and two Sonion EST drivers. These four drivers are fitted inside beautiful & lightweight aluminum alloy ear cavities with designer stainless steel face panels. The pair has received nothing except praises for its brilliant performance and elegant design. This is for the first time the DUNU EST112 is coming up on sale, grab yours here.

Shozy Black Hole:-

Price: 799$.

Sale Price: 719$.

Leading the HiFi IEM range in Shozy’s catalog is the unique Shozy Black Hole. It features a powerful single dynamic driver unit with a unique, vented shell design. It is a fully open-back ear cavity made with high-quality metal. Shozy Black Hole uses the brand’s advanced multiple-separation technology for distortion-free and detailed sound output. It is one of the best single DD IEMs in the market today. We are offering a discount of flat 10% on the Black Hole, and believe us it is the right time to get indulged in its excellent performance. Get yours here.

Moondrop Blessing 2:-


Sale Price: 288.99$.

Moondrop needs no introduction in the HiFi audio industry. They are well recognized for their Hi-resolution in-ear monitors that offer brilliant performance available at different price ranges. For this sale, we are bringing you their highly-acclaimed Blessing 2 hybrid IEM set at a never-before price!!! Make the Moondrop Blessing 2 yours today for just 288.99$. The pair features an advanced hybrid driver configuration consisting of a powerful dynamic driver unit and four high-performance balanced armature drivers on each side. Buy the Moondrop Blessing 2 here.

Shanling M6 Pro:-


Sale Price: 664.23$.

Shanling M6 Pro is an award-winning Android digital audio player that brings an end to all your portable audio needs on a single device. It is equipped with now out of the print dual AK4497EQ chipset that is known for its high-quality audio signal decoding. The player supports countless media applications with an open Android OS. You just don’t have to worry about searching for the right termination plug with the M6 Pro as the device features 3.5mm+2.5mm+4.4mm headphone output ports. Grab the M6 pro at a never-before price of just 664.23$ today!! Order yours here.

And my dear friends, this is just a short glimpse of the bigger picture during this Mid-Year sale!! These are just our top favorites there are plenty more HiFi audio products on sale. Grab exciting deals from AudioSense, Audirect, Astrotec, BGVP, Gustard, Kinera, Moondrop, NF Audio, S.M.S.L, Shozy, and many more HiFi brands at a flat 10% off. For any questions or queries feel free to drop us an e-mail at support@hifigo.com. Check out the entire sale page here.

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