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HiFiGo Launched Effect Audio Premium Signature Series IEM Upgrade Cables & Carrying Case!!

HiFiGo Launched Effect Audio Premium Signature Series IEM Upgrade Cables & Carrying Case!!

HiFiGo is proudly announcing its collaboration with Effect Audio, a boutique IEM cable manufacturing brand. We will be bringing you their outstanding range of cables as well as other HiFi gear such as IEMs, Carrying cases, and more available on our store. Effect Audio is a premium Boutique brand from Singapore that design some top-quality IEM upgrade cables. They have a history of designing high-end cables for premium IEMs. Effect Audio has a habit of naming and designing its products based on the Greek Gods. Last week, we launched their very latest Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustic Labs Gaea premium hybrid IEMs on our store. Today, we are launching their brand-new Signature series of products. This includes three new IEM upgrade cables with swappable MMCX/2-pIn connectors known as their patented ConX technology and a high-quality carrying case. ConX technology allows the users to easily replace the 2-pin/MMCX connectors at their will. Super easy to replace, allowing you to use one or only a few cables with all of your IEMs.

Effect Audio Eros S:-

Eros S is the flagship cable from the latest Signature Series. It comes with a proprietary hybrid setup consisting of Pure Silver Litz and Pure Copper Litz wire cores. The Eros S provides the best of both worlds delivering a strong bass kick with copper cores and a transparent sound with a wide sound field thanks to the Pure Silver cores. The cable sports an eye-catching and easy-on-the-hand grey sleeve. It has a 26AWG wire diameter with an 8-wire strand configuration. Eros S has Effect Audio’s Ultra Flexi™ Insulation coating. It comes with Effect Audio’s in-house developed ConX™ Interchangeable Connectors that allow the user to switch between 2-pin and MMCX connectors. Do note that the 2-pin connectors come as standard with the Effect Audio Cables while the MMCX is available as an additional accessory. With ConX technology, replacing the connectors is fairly easy and anyone can do it whenever required!! Eros S uses a Rhodium-Plated brass termination plug.

Effect Audio Eros S-1

We have launched the Effect Audio Eros S for 314$, you can check out more information over here.

Effect Audio Cadmus:-

Effect Audio presents the Cadmus as an all-rounder cable. It’s a 4-wire strand cable with premium UP-OCC Silver-Plated Copper Litz wire cores. The cable is said to deliver a tight lower-end performance with high-resolution clarity and a smoother treble frequency response. Cadmus is highly suitable for bright IEMs that benefit from its treble-smoothening and bass-tightening sound signature. The cable adopts a 24AWG diameter wire cores braided together in a tight structure. Similar to the Eros S, the Cadmus also has Effect Audio’s Ultra Flexi™ Insulation coating as well as ConX™ Interchangeable Connectors. It also has Rhodium-Plated Brass Termination Plug. Cadmus enhances your overall experience with its unmatched clarity and unparalleled sound performance!!

Effect Audio Cadmus

Cadmus is launched on our store for 214$, refer here for more information.

Effect Audio Ares S:-

The Signature Series of Effect Audio begins with the Ares S, a high-purity UP-OCC Copper Litz cable with a proprietary Dual Geometric Design. The cable adopts 24AWG high-purity Copper wire cores braided together in a tight dual-geometric design. It enhances your sound experience with lush, warm vocals and improved clarity and details. Similar to the other cables in the Signature Series, the Ares S also has Effect Audio’s Ultra Flexi™ Insulation coating as well as ConX™ Interchangeable Connectors. It’s a great cable designed for high-performance IEMs. Ares S also adopts high-quality Rhodium-Plated Termination Plugs.

Effect Audio Ares

Effect Audio Ares S is launched officially for just 179$, refer here for more details.

Effect Audio Chamber Carrying Case:-

The latest in the Signature Series is the Effect Audio Chamber, a brand-new Carrying case with 4 separate compartments with an adjustable system. You can easily adjust the size of each compartment according to your requirements. This is a high-quality carrying case that is designed not only for cables or IEMs but also has ample space to carry your Audio player as well. Effect Audio has crafted the Chamber case with weaved Oxford Cloth, Sandwich Cloth, and Microfiber leather giving it a solid structure and a great in-hand feel. Carry around your premium Audio Gear with style and full safety with the Effect Audio Chamber Case!!

Effect Audio chamber

Effect Audio Chamber Carrying Case is launched for 99$, you can check out more information here.

All three of the above mentioned Signature Series cables are available with a choice between 3.5mm/2.5mm/4.4mm termination plugs. This is just the beginning, we will soon be listing more and more premium products by Effect Audio and other brands worldwide. If you have any questions or queries related to our services, feel free to write to us at Support@hifigo.com.

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