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HiFiGo Exciting Amazon Prime Day Sale: Up To 40% Off On Premium Audio Products

HiFiGo Exciting Amazon Prime Day Sale: Up To 40% Off On Premium Audio Products

Explore the musical realms and dive deep into the world of immersive sound like never before. This Amazon Prime Day, we are bringing you two full days of awesome deals available across our Amazon US and Amazon Japan stores. At HiFiGo, we specialize in delivering an exceptional audio experience with premium quality gear from famous brands such as DUNU, See Audio, Kinera, and many more. We are thrilled to join Amazon in their Prime Day celebration with an exciting sale starting 11th of July. Our Prime Day Sale will be active for two full days running till the 12th of July. Enjoy specially tailored deals with up to 40% Off from top brands in the industry!! We have curated a wide catalog of products including premium in-ear monitors and ear tips to cater to our customers during the Prime Day event. Prepare yourself to embark on a musical journey with exclusive deals available on both Amazon US and Amazon Japan stores!! So, grab your wallets, and let’s have a short glimpse at some of our favorite deals that you can get during the sale!!

Muse HiFi Power: Powerful Planar IEMs!!

Amazon Prime Day Discount: 50% Off!!

Muse HiFi Power-1

Power is the debutant IEM for Muse HiFi in the international market. With the help of a large-sized planar magnetic driver unit, Muse HiFi Power packs a powerful sound. It treats the users with an exquisite sound rich in clarity and tonality. You also get a beautiful design and ergonomic form factor for a comfortable wearing experience. It’s a smooth-sounding Planar Magnetic driver IEM that will be available for an exciting 50% discount during our Amazon Prime Day Sale!! Available only at our Japan store, make sure you get yours at this exciting deal!!

See Audio Yume Midnight: All-New Sound With Crinacle Tuning Adjustments!!

Amazon Prime Day Discount: 36% Off!!

See Audio Yume Midnight-1

See Audio joined hands with Crinacle to take the Yume(1DD+2BA three-driver hybrid IEM) and upgrade its performance to an all-new level. Crinacle helped in readjusting the tuning, and we got the Yume Midnight. This pair is appreciated widely for its exceptional midrange characteristics and improved lower-end response. We also get better technical performance with improved clarity and faster bass response. See Audio Yume Midnight is a must-buy for people who prefer balanced and smooth sound!! Grab the Yume Midnight at an astonishing 36% discount during our Prime Day Sale!! It is available on the Amazon Japan Store!!

TKZK Ouranos: Luxurious Single DD IEM At Pocket-Friendly Price!!

Discount: 20% Off.

TKZK Ouranos-3

For single DD Lovers, TKZK Ouranos is a fantastic offering that packs an impressive sound in an affordable package. Ouranos houses a 10mm CNT(Carbon-Nanotube) Diaphragm Dynamic Driver unit that promises high-resolution quality sound with stunningly beautiful designer looks. You are treated with a rich, smooth sound that complements different genres of music easily. It is an IEM that should be in everyone’s collection, and what could be better than an impressive deal during the Amazon Prime Day Sale!! Make sure you grab yours this sale at an exciting 20% off price!!

Tin HiFi T2 DLC: Exquisite Sound With 10mm DLC DD Unit!!

Discount: 20% Off.

Tin HiFi T2 DLC-1

Tin HiFi needs no introduction among audiophiles. The brand is widely known and is hugely appreciated for its high-performing IEMs available at affordable prices. The T2 2022 is a brilliant-sounding IEM designed with a 10mm DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) Diaphragm DD unit. The T2 2022 DLC is preferred by its users for its neutral-balanced sound tuning, and clear, crisp output. Tin HiFi T2 DLC has a great price-to-performance ratio, we have just made the deal even better with 20% off during the Amazon Prime Day Sale!! It's available on both Amazon US and Amazon Japan store. For people who prefer neutral-balanced sound tuning, you should definitely check out the T2 DLC over here.

Kinera Celest Pandamon: New-Generation SPD 2.0 Planar Driver!!

Discount: 20% Off.

Celest Pandamon-1

Pandamon from Celest Audio(Kinera’s Sub-Brand) is a well-built pair of IEMs designed with their specially developed SPD2.0 driver unit. The pair delivers an impressive sound output featuring quality lower-end, lovely midrange, and a nicely-extended treble frequency response. Celest Pandamon is an IEM that provides a fresh breeze of music with its unique new planar driver, and its comfortable designer ear shells. We will be bringing an exciting 20% discount on the Celest Pandamon available on both US and Japan Amazon stores, do check them out, pretty sure you will like the lovely sound!!

Letshuoer x Z Reviews Z12: Exquisite Planar IEMs Tuned With Z-Reviews!!

Discount: 20% Off.


How can we forget the super amazing Z12 Gold Edition, a collaborative Planar Magnetic driver IEM designed by LETSHUOER in collaboration with Z Reviews? The Z12 features a large-size planar magnetic driver unit promising strong sound delivery. The pair maintains a clear sub-bass rumble and achieves great resolution throughout a wide frequency band. Z12 Gold Edition comes in an eye-catchy Gold and Black color combination for ear shells available in both black shells as well. Grab the Letshouer Z12 from our Amazon Store during the Prime Day sale with an exciting 20% Discounted deal!! Available on both Amazon US and Amazon Japan.

DUNU Kima & Kima Classic: Lovely Sound, Comfortable Fit, Beautiful Design!!

Discount: 15% Off.

DUNU Kima Classic-1

DUNU Kima series of in-ear monitors is widely regarded for its smooth design and its silky smooth sound as well. The pair packs a single dynamic driver configuration with a 10mm dual-cavity DLC diaphragm dynamic driver unit. DUNU has also recently released a new Kima Classic variant available in a new color option and with a new tuning profile. The Kima Classic has a vivid and livelier sound presentation and also includes a new color finish as well. Both the pair sound absolutely amazing, and you can get a sweet 15% off on any of them during our Amazon Prime Day Sale!! Available on Amazon US and Amazon Japan.

DUNU Titan S: Crisp Single DD IEMs!!

Discount: 15% Off!!

DUNU Titan S-1

Titan S from DUNU is a well-regarded set of single dynamic driver in-ear monitors. Unique mecha build, high-resolution sound with an 11mm dynamic driver unit with Composite LCP diaphragm. The pair packs clear sound with lower distortion. It is well-regarded widely for its clear sound reproduction with lower distortion in the output signal. For a long time, the DUNU Titan S was also featured in the best IEMs under the 100$ price bracket. Get a sweet deal during our Amazon Prime Day sale, available on both Amazon US and Amazon Japan Stores.

DUNU Talos: Unique Planar+2BA Hybrid Driver IEMs!!

Discount: 25% Off.

DUNU Talos-1

With all the Planar hype going all around, DUNU came up with the Talos, a unique Planar+2BA hybrid driver configuration. What’s even more interesting is that users can actually turn the BA drivers off, giving the users two different sound experiences with a single pair. Talos received wide recognition for its highly-detailed and crisp sound performance suitable for music, movies, and games altogether. DUNU Talos brings you a fast, vivid sound at an exciting price point. We have even sweetened the deal with up to 25% discount during our Amazon Prime Day Sale. So, now is the perfect time to grab the DUNU Talos for yourself available on the Amazon US store.

See Audio Rinko: Excellent Bass, Silky Sound With Dual-Driver Hybrid Setup!!

Discount: 10% Off.

See Audio Rinko-1

See Audio in collaboration with Zeos from Z Reviews introduced the Rinko IEMs earlier this year. The Rinko packs a dual-driver hybrid setup featuring a newly-developed 6mm planar placed right next to a 10mm dynamic driver. It has a strong sound presentation with rumbling sub-bass, slamming mid-bass, crisp midrange, and a nice and smooth treble response. See Audio Rinko is a beautiful set that promises quality output suitable for different genres of music. It is an excellent choice for movies, and games as well. Grab the See Audio Rinko IEMs at an amazing deal with a 10% discount on our Amazon store. Available on both Amazon US and Amazon Japan store.

Rinko Touch Keycaps: Upgrade Your Keyboard With Beautiful Keycaps!!

Discount: 20% Off!!

See Audio Rinko Touch Keycaps-1

Are you a keyboard enthusiast, we have the perfect keycaps made for you. Matching the Rinko IEMs, we have the Rinko Touch Keycaps made up of high-quality PBT material and featuring a unique designer look. These are highly durable and feature an image of the Rinko character. Pretty sure your keyboard will definitely be one of a kind. Get an exciting 20% off during our Amazon Prime Day sale available on both Amazon Japan and Amazon US Stores.

See Audio Yume Ultra: Premium Sound With Three-Driver Hybrid Configuration!!

Discount: 20% Off!!

See Audio Yume Ultra-1

See Audio recently launched an upgrade to the classic Yume multi-driver hybrid IEMs, the See Audio Yume Ultra. With redesigned resin material shells, an upgraded dynamic driver unit, further refined tuning adjustments, and a new high-purity 6N OFC silver-plated modular termination cable, the Yume Ultra brings noticeable sound upgrades to the already amazing See Audio Yume. Get an amazing 20% off on the See Audio Yume Ultra, available on both Amazon US and Amazon Japan stores.

See Audio Bravery AE: Limited Edition Multi-BA IEMs!!

Discount: 15% Off!!

See Audio Bravery AE Edition-1

See Audio Bravery AE Limited Edition is a very beautiful multi-BA set of IEMs available in stunning ink-blue color. The pair houses a four-BA multi-BA setup with carefully chosen premium quality balanced armatures from Sonion and Knowles. It comes bundled with high-quality Hakugei cable and Xelastec ear tips. We are offering a straight 15% off on the Bravery AE IEMs available on both our Amazon Japan and Amazon US store.

Letshuoer x Gizaudio Galileo: Neutral, Balanced Sounding Dual-Driver Hybrid IEMs!!

Discount: 15% Off.

LETSHUOER x Gizaudio Galileo-1

Galileo is the first collaboration for Gizaudio with Letshuoer. The pair is known for its impressive sound with a dual-driver hybrid configuration featuring a 10mm liquid silicone dynamic driver and a high-performance Sonion BA driver unit on each side. The pair has got stunning looks with ink-painted face covers. It depicts the beauty of the milky way and has the glitters of a starry night sky. Galileo is an amazing set with a neutral, Balanced sound profile that complements different genres of music really well. During our Amazon Prime Day Sale, We have made the price even better for our fans. Grab the Galileo with 15% straight off on the price!! Available on both Amazon US and Amazon Japan Store.

AFUL Performer 5: Premium Sound With Five-Driver Hybrid Configuration!!

Discount: 30$ Straight Off.

AFUL Performer 5-1

AFUL Performer 5 needs no introduction. The pair came out late last year and is the debutant product for AFUL Acoustics in the international market. It has done a great job getting a positive rep for the brand with its exquisite design and a silky smooth sound presentation. We have a solid bass response adding warmth to a rich midrange, and a clear, extended treble response delivering exquisite details with the pair. Performer 5 is a must-try for audiophiles who pursue top-quality sound at attractive prices. During our Amazon Prime Day Sale, grab the AFUL Performer5 with a straight 30$ off on its regular price, it’s going to be an exciting sale we can assure you this!! AFUL Performer 5 is available on both Amazon US and Amazon Japan Store.

Zeos Render Eartips: Silicone Memory-Foam Hybrid Eartips!!

Discount: 20% Off!!

 Zeos Render Tips-1

Originally bundled with the See Audio x Z Reviews Rinko IEMs, the Zeos Render Eartips are also designed with Z Reviews. These are high-quality hybrid ear tips designed for your everyday usage. These adopt a unique combination of memory foam filling with silicone material outer cover. You get the best of both worlds, the comfort of memory foam is there with the longevity of silicone tips. And now grab the set for an exciting 20% discount during our Amazon Prime Day Sale available on both Amazon US and Amazon Japan stores.

DUNU S&S: Comfortable & Sound Enhancing Silicone Eartips!!

Discount: 20% Off!!

DUNU S&S Eaertips-1

DUNU Has developed new cylindrical-shaped flat silicone ear tips for IEMs, namely the DUNU S&S eartips. Made up of high-density soft-silicone material, the new Stage & Studio Ear Tips enhance your listening experience with exceptional midrange and vocal clarity. The vocals are clearer and show a rich tone to them. These offer a super comfy wearing experience with a good level of isolation from your surroundings. DUNU S&S eartips are available on our Amazon US Store with an amazing 20% discount during the Amazon Prime Day Sale.

DUNU Candy Eartips: Comfortable Silicone Eartips!!

Discount: 20% Off!!

DUNU Candy Ear TIps

DUNU Candy eartips are high-quality silicone eartips with thicker sound-guide for enhanced support with the IEMs. They offer a firm connection to the nozzle and also provide enhanced sound performance with an improved sound stage and richer density. Grab the new DUNU Candy ear tips with a 20% discount during our Amazon Prime Day sale available on the Amazon US Store!!

Final Words:-

Well, this is just a short glimpse from our side of the exciting Amazon Prime Day event that we are bringing to our friends. Grab exciting offers on your favorite products including in-ear monitors, eartips, and more. Make sure you check exclusive deals on our Amazon US and Amazon Japan stores. For any assistance and queries, you can contact us through support@hifigo.com, have a great Prime Day sale ahead!!

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