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Hidizs MS3 Premium Three-Driver Hybrid IEMs

Hidizs MS3 Premium Three-Driver Hybrid IEMs

Hidizs has launched a brand new three-driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors, the Hidizs MS3. Hidizs is a well-reputed brand among audiophiles. The brand is known for its wide catalog of in-ear monitors, music players, and USB DAC/AMPs that cater to big audiences with attractive price tags. The MS3 is the brand new installation to their “MS” series of hybrid in-ear monitors with a three-driver hybrid setup. It consists of a custom-developed 10.2mm dynamic driver unit and a Knowles composite SWFK-31736 balanced armature setup. The pair brings you versatile sound options with three sets of pneumatic tuning filters. Get an amazing music listening experience with the Hidizs MS3!!

Hidizs MS3-1

Hidizs MS3 is launched officially for 119$, check out more information over here.

In order to deliver high-resolution sound output, Hidizs has equipped the MS3 with a 3-driver configuration on each side. The pair features a custom-developed 10.2mm dynamic driver with a bio-fiber composite diaphragm dome structure. This dynamic driver has a dual-magnetic and dual-cavity design for producing a powerful lower-end response and lovely midrange presentation. It is complemented by a dual-composite BA driver unit from Knowles that provides high-resolution clarity in high-frequencies. Hidizs has featured a strong magnetic design producing strong magnetic flux for high-sensitivity and low-distortion output.

Hidizs MS3-2

Explore your favorite music with three different tuning profiles on the Hidizs MS3. The pair comes with three sets of Pneumatic tuning filters that provide three-different tuning options to the users, with balanced tuning on the Rose-Gold nozzle, High-Frequency Enhancing sound on the Silver nozzles, and Bass Enhancing sound on the Red nozzles. The pair has got exceptional looks with high-quality CNC machined aviation-grade aluminum alloy material ear shells. The face panel is eye-catchy and the design of the pair is ergonomic which helps in getting a comfortable wearing experience.

Hidizs MS3-3

Hidizs MS3 has a high-purity stock cable. It is a high-purity OFC cable with 192-cores available in 3.5mm and 4.4mm termination options(need to choose while ordering). Hidizs MS3 is launched officially for 119$, you can check out more details here.

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