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Hidizs Mermaid MS2 Latest Dual-Driver Hybrid IEMs Announced

Hidizs Mermaid MS2 Latest Dual-Driver Hybrid IEMs Announced

HIDIZS Mermaid MS1 has been the heart of many audiophiles with its quality performance and killer looks. It was a single DD pair of earphones available at a budget price point of just 50$. Hidizs has now introduced their latest iteration for the Mermaid MS series, the Hidizs MS2 with a dual-driver hybrid setup. The pair is equipped with a premium Knowles Balanced Armature driver paired with a custom-tuned Dynamic Driver unit. Not only the pair produce a beautiful, lively sound output but it also features premium designed unique ear shells made using skin-friendly Resin material and exquisite looking Phosphorescent face panels. It is available to order from our store at a price of 79.99$, check out more details here.

Hidizs MS2-1


>Large 10.2mm Dynamic Driver.

>Knowles 33518 Balanced Armature Driver.

>Professional VX Tantalum Capacitor Circuit.

>Skin-Friendly Resin Material Ear Shell.

>Phosphorescent Face Panel.

>Braided High-Quality Quad-Core Cable.

>Hi-Res Audio Certified.

>Premium Rose-Gold Splitter & Gold-Plated Termination Plug.

>MS2 Custom Carry Case.

>Impedance: 18 ohms.

>Sensitivity: 112dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-40kHz.

Hidizs Custom-Tuned DD Unit:-

Hidizs MS2-2

Hidizs has developed a large custom-tuned 10.2mm dynamic driver unit with dual voice coils and dual voice chambers for the MS2. It presents the user with a strong, impactful bass response with deep extensions and good clarity. The DD unit also produces an engaging, transparent vocal response with smooth lush mids.

Knowles Balanced Armature Driver For Rich Treble:-

Hidizs MS2-3

Knowles is known for its premium balanced armature driver units. Hidizs has equipped the Mermaid MS2 with Knowles 33518 high-performance BA unit for a clean, rich treble with no sibilance or harshness. It helps the pair achieve prominent resolution and extensions.

Eco-Friendly Beautiful Ear shells:-

Hidizs MS2-4

The ear shells in Hidizs MS2 are designed with utmost precision to provide a unique look and comfortable fit with the pair. The pair is made using skin-friendly Resin material and features a shiny Phosphorescent faceplate presenting a unique amber look. It is available in five different colors, and believe us it looks beautiful in every single one of them.

Professional Inner Circuitry For Distortion-Free Performance:-

To present a smooth high-resolution noise-free sound output, Hidizs has equipped the MS2 with professionally designed inner circuitry. It features premium AVX Tantalum Capacitors for an enhanced sound experience.

Hidizs MS2-5

Audiophile-Grade High-Quality Cable:-

A premium Quad-core mixed braiding cable is bundled with the Hidizs MS2 to bring out the true potential of the pair. It is nicely braided by 2-cores of 60 high-purity silver wires mixed with 2-cores of high-purity oxygen-free copper wires.

Custom Carry Case:-

Hidizs has bundled a strong & beautiful earphone carry case. It features a high-quality metallic panel with built-in full-surrounding silicon gel for shock and drop protection. It has a magnetic mechanism keeping the IEMs safe and sound.

Hidizs MS2-6

Pricing & Availability:-

The Hidizs MS2 has an attractive price tag of 79.99$. With such high-resolution clarity and beautiful looks, the price is quite justified in our opinion. Check out more details on our store here.

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