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HiBy WH2: Brand New TWS Earphones With Bluetooth V5.2 Connectivity

HiBy WH2: Brand New TWS Earphones With Bluetooth V5.2 Connectivity

HiBy isn’t bound to any introduction, they are a widely renowned brand behind many successful HiFi audio products as well as a widely used application on the Android store. Following the success of their famous WH3 TWS earphones, HiBy has today launched another set of TWS earphones, meet the brand-new HiBy WH2. HiBy has actually launched two different variants for the WH2, one with a single dynamic configuration and another with a dual BA configuration. WH2 is designed with many advanced features such as the Latest Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity, Adjustable Digital crossover, UAT+LDAC High-resolution transmission, HiBy application control, Intuitive touch controls, Dual microphones, and more. With the latest UAT codec, WH2 delivers you a true-to-life high-resolution audio experience without any wires. HiBy WH2 starts at just 129.99$ for the single dynamic driver version and 159.99$ for the Dual BA variant, Check out more details here.

HiBy WH2-1


>Latest Bluetooth V5.22 connectivity.

>High-Resolution LDAC, UAT TWS, AAC, and SBC transmission.

>HiBy Blue application control.

>Binaural separation design(Both earbuds can be used alone).

>Adjustable digital crossover.

>Two variants, Single Dynamic Driver Configuration, Dual BA configuration.

>Easy to use controls.

>IPX4 splash-proof rating.

>Dual Microphones for crystal clear voice transmission.

>Long battery life(upto 6 hours on a single charge, up to 30 hours with charging case).

Strong & Stable Bluetooth V5.2 Connectivity:-

HiBy WH2 features Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity. It allows for a stable connection with the source and provides smooth high-resolution audio signal transmission with low lag and delay. Bluetooth V5.2 connection also helps in easy & faster connectivity in between the earpieces and the source.

Truly-Wireless High-Resolution Music With The HiBy WH2:-

HiBy WH2 supports multiple high-resolution audio codecs including the advanced LDAC and the latest UAT codecs. Both the LDAC and UAT provide exceptional sound performance with the pair with high-resolution signal transmission. Apart from LDAC and UAT the WH2 also supports AAC and SBC transmissions. Do note that the UAT mode is only possible with HiByOS hardware devices.

HiBy WH2-2

Binaural Operation Mode:-

Both the left and right earpieces in WH2 can be used separately. Once pulled out of the box, they both first connect with each other, and then they both establish their own individual connection with the source devices. With both the earpieces having an individual connection with the connected source device, We experience lower delay and lag in the output signal and also better audio-video synchronization.

Adjustable Digital Crossover With Full HiBy Music application support:-

This feature is exclusive with the Dual BA variant. It helps in maintaining perfect synchronization. Users can adjust this and multiple other settings with the HiBy Blue application on Android smartphones.

Easy To Use Touch Sensitive Controls:-

HiBy WH2 TWS earphones are extremely easy to operate. They feature an intuitive touch-sensitive control to access different media and call controls. Users can simply tap twice on the face cover area to pickup/disconnect the call, Play/pause the music,, triple tap for previous or last song playback, and hold 3 seconds to start the voice assistant.

HiBy WH2-3

Dual Microphones For Crisp Voice Transmission:-

Each earpiece in the HiBy WH2 features two microphones for crisp, high-quality voice transmission over phone calls. This also cuts down on environmental noises and presents the user with a cleaner voice.

Enjoy Your Favorite Music All-Day Long:-

HiBy WH2 has a super long battery life that lets you enjoy your favorite music all day long. The pair can play music continuously for up to 6 hours on a single charge. With the charging case, it lasts up to 30 hours.

Two Different Variants:-

HiBy WH2 is launched in two different variants, one featuring a Dynamic Driver configuration with a CNT diaphragm. This single DD set is available for 129.99$. There’s a dual BA variant too featuring two high-performance balanced armature driver units per side. This Dual BA variant of WH2 is priced at 159$. Hurry pre-order yours today!!

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