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HiBy R8 Gen II Flagship Portable Audio Player With Darwin MPA 16-Channel DAC Architecture

HiBy R8 Gen II Flagship Portable Audio Player With Darwin MPA 16-Channel DAC Architecture

HiBy starts 2024 on a great note with the official reveal of its latest flagship digital audio player, introducing the all-new HiBy R8 Gen 2. As a successor to the almighty R8, the R8 Gen 2 improves the sound department with an exclusively designed DARWIN-MPA(Multiphase PWM Array) architecture. The device adopts a 16-way current mode DAC chipset aligned with pure Class A and AB dual-mode Amp sections. HiBy has designed the R8 Gen 2 as an ultimate flagship-level product. Its design, sound and every minute detail are properly designed and tuned with great precision. HiBy has joined hands with ALCANTARA for an exquisite back panel. Are you ready to upgrade your portable setup with an exciting flagship audio player?? Let’s know more about the HiBy R8 Gen II!!

HiBy R8 Gen II-1

HiBy R8 Gen II is launched in three striking colour options. It is priced at 1999$, you can get yours here.

HiBy has designed the R8 Gen II with an exclusive Darwin MPA Architecture. It is based on the flexible design of the DARWIN R2R DAC setup. It brings the distinguishing features of the Darwin R2R architecture, oversamples the input signals to 128x via the DARWIN V2 filter system(which also has a non-oversampling function as well), It follows into a 1024-tap opening stage. The DAC setup here has a 16-way current mode arrangement coupled with professionally designed I/V conversion and LPF stage circuits. It houses dual independent crystal oscillators of 90.3168 and 98.304MHz frequencies. They offer ultra-low clock jitter performance. With advanced USB processing, the R8 Gen II supports advanced 768kHz PCM, Native DSD512, and MQA unfolding.

HiBy R8 Gen II-2

HiBy R8 Gen II features Class A and AB dual-mode switchable amplification modes. The Class-A amp section utilises dual ADA4625-2 OPAMPs and 16 custom-developed transistors for zero crossover distortion and fast transient performance. The Class AB mode is here with three OPA1612 OPAMPs. We get a crisp, consistent performance with ultra-low distortion and high-power output in both modes. Class AB mode provides improved battery life. HiBy R8 Gen II features high-power Turbo mode. It can be enabled from the settings, and it greatly increases the output current, taking the maximum output to ±7.5V. An increase in voltage improves maximum output volume and also increases output thrust for easy driveability

HiBy R8 Gen II-3

HiBy R8 Gen II is a very well-built device. It features a stunning 5.9” display with 1080p+ resolution offering ultra-crisp images. With such a stunning display, users can also enjoy videos on the device. It has a premium Stainless Steel frame and high-quality ALCANTARA back panel. HiBy R8 Gen II comes loaded with open Android 12 OS powered by Snapdragon 665 SoC and 8GB of RAM. We also have 256GB of internal memory to store our music library and install different applications. The R8 Gen II has systemwide bit-perfect audio architecture. You can enjoy true high-resolution audio across different applications on the Android store.

HiBy R8 Gen II-4

HiBy R8 Gen II houses a large-capacity battery. It has a 12000mAh capacity promising a battery life of up to 20 hours through the 3.5mm output and up to 18 hours with the 4.4mm output. It has a USB Type-C 3.2 Gen2 port and supports 20W PD fast charging. We have an independent power supply design for both Digital and Analog circuits. HiBy has designed a high-quality heat dissipating Copper frame that keeps the battery cool in every situation. HiBy R8 Gen II is officially released for 1999$, you can get it in three stunning colour options. Check out more details here.

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