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Hiby R6 pro Aluminum DAP Comes Finally With Black and Grey | Hifigo

Hiby R6 pro Aluminum Alloy DAP Comes Finally With Black and Grey | Hifigo

Good to hear. Hiby R6 pro music player aluminum alloy variant comes finally with 80g lighter than SS version. All advanced parameters remain the same as the stainless steel one. It will go on pre-sale since 00:00 October 11th and shipment release after one week later. The aluminum version comes with two colors as R6, black, and grey which are extremely beautiful. 
Hiby R6 pro Aluminum 1
The Hiby R6 Pro DAP aluminum body is the familiar glass-metal-glass sandwich that has become the norm for mobile phones in the last few years, albeit a little thicker. The front houses a 4.2″ IPS TFT screen with 350dpi 16m color 1280 x 768 px resolution, topped of with 2.5D curved glass and minimal bezels. Right underneath the screen is an aluminum chin with the Hiby logo and a Hi-Res sticker. 
Hiby R6 pro Aluminum 2
On the back of R6 Pro player is a full black-backed glass panel with the Hiby logo and device information, much like most phones you’d see today.
Hiby R6 pro Aluminum 3
Finally, on the bottom of the R6 pro, you will find the USB C port. 

What's different with R6 pro SS version and R6 pro Aluminum alloy version?

R6 pro Aluminum alloy version weight: 215g
R6 pro SS version weight: 295g
All the other parameters between R6 pro two versions are all same. 

How are the SNR and floor noise levels of the Hiby R6 pro-Aluminum Alloy version?

Hiby reduced the impedance of the Hiby R6 pro to deliver the terrific output power for 750mW+750mW(@32Ω), however, there will be a floor noise issue once it is paired with earphones with low impedance and high sensitivity at 4.4mm balance port. Hiby suggests pairing with earphones with higher impedance for 4.4mm port. If you insist to use the low impedance earphones, we suggest using one high impedance cable with 4.4mm jack in addition. 

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