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HiBy R5 Saber Now Available In Grey Color

HiBy R5 Saber Now Available In Grey Color

Last year, HiBy released a new digital audio player in the market, the HiBy R5S(also known as HiBy R5 Saber). It is a brilliant device equipped with dual CS43198 decoding chips, supports 8x MQA decoding, Direct Transport Architecture, Systemwide MSEB tuner, and many more features that made the device a strong contender in the under 500$ price segment(The player costs 399.99$ to be exact). The player was originally launched in a black color similar to most players by HiBy. Today, HiBy launched a new color variant for the R5S, interested people can now buy the R5S with a choice between two color options, the traditionally available evergreen Black color, or the new and charming Grey color option. Check out more details here.

HiBy R5S-1

Same Trusted Performance, New Color Option:-

HiBy R5Saber is a highly trusted audio player mostly known for its excellent sound quality performance with High-resolution native decoding as well as MQA(Master Quality Authenticated) support. The new Grey color option is just a cosmetic change and has no difference in the original performance of the device. It still delivers the high-quality audio output with ultra-low distortion, low-noise floor, and high output power. Users can enjoy countless audio streaming and other media applications on the HiBy R5S with its Android 8.1 OS. The player features two headphone output ports, one single-ended 3.5mm and another balanced 4.4mm. Both these ports can also provide line-out functionality to other devices in your chain. It is a beast of a device with an output power rating of up to 1040mW per channel through the 4.4mm balanced port. If you are looking for a powerful device with advanced Android functions, the HiBy R5S is worth considering. Now also available in Grey color option.

HiBy R5S-2


>Dual CS43198 DAC chips.

>Musical & Detailed sound tuning.

>Direct Transport Architecture(DTA).

>MQA 8X unfolding.

>PCM decoding up to 32Bit/384kHz.

>DSD support up to DSD256 natively.

>3.5mm Single-ended PO+LO.

>4.4mm Balanced PO+LO.

>Output Power: Up to 1040mW+1040mW @ 16Ohm(4.4mm Balanced).

>2-Way Bluetooth support.

>Hi-res Bluetooth codecs support including UAT, LDAC, and more.

>Coaxial digital output.

>MSEB Tuner.

>Android 8.1 OS.

>Qualcomm snapdragon 425 CPU Chip.


>4” 16.8 million color LCD display.

>Supports HiBy Link.

>Up to 18 hours of continuous music playback.

>Quick Charge 3.0 support.

>Price: 399.99$.

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