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HiBy FC6:Brand New Portable USB DAC With R-2R Darwin Architecture

HiBy FC6:Brand New Portable USB DAC With R-2R Darwin Architecture

HiBy is among the most active brands from the HiFi audio industry in Shenzhen China. They probably have one of the largest if not the largest collection of HiFi audio gear including portable USB DAC/AMPs, Digital Audio Players, and in-ear monitors. Quite recently, HiBy is getting good reviews for their “FC” series of portable USB DAC/AMPs. The series has actually got some amazing products including the FC3, FC4, etc. Today, HiBy has introduced a new product to the series, and a rather special one, introducing the all-new HiBy FC6. We mentioned a special one because it is the first portable USB DAC/AMP from the house of HiBy with built-in R-2R DAC technology. It actually features HiBy’s in-house developed Darwin Architecture that matches the goodness of R2R with modern filers and technologies. HiBy FC6 is a compact little device that packs a wonderful sound underneath a clean build.

HiBy FC6-1

FC6 has got a price tag of 299$, feel free to check out more information here.

As mentioned earlier here, HiBy has featured its highly-acclaimed Darwin architecture on the FC6. It was previously implemented in HiBy’s high-end players including RS6, RS8, and even the mid-fi level RS2. FC6 is the first USB DAC/AMP in the market to feature this amazing technology. It utilizes the traditional R2R resistor ladder array matched with FIR Filters and NOS/OS functionality. The DAC section here on the FC6 adopts 96 precisely matched resistors with undisclosed black ops tech for linearity compensation. The resulting sound output with the FC6 is rich, clear, and has an analog touch to it. HiBy FC6 supports decoding for all leading audio formats. It supports high-resolution audio signals with bitrates as high as 32Bit/768kHz for PCM signals and Native DSD512 signals. FC6 also presents true studio-grade performance with 8x unfolding of MQA audio files.

HiBy FC6-2

HiBy FC6 supports OS/NOS operation modes along with a bunch of FIR digital filters. The OS and NOS modes are easily switchable on the go with a single dedicated key on the device. NOS here refers to the non-Oversampling mode that presents sound in its raw form. OS mode here refers to oversampling mode, it removes aliasing artificers via the tried and true combination of oversampling and ultra-sonic low-pass filters. OS mode delivers a smoother sound and enables all digital filters on the FC6. FC6 comes with a bunch of digital filters that will allow the users to adjust the output to their liking. They suit different music styles and achieve up to 16x oversampling which gets smoother in presentation.

HiBy FC6-3

HiBy FC6 features a specially designed discrete amplification circuit based on OPA1622 OPAMP chips. They produce clean output achieving up to 100mW of clean output power with the 3.5mm headphone output on the FC6. The amplification circuit here adopts dual OPA 1622 chips and a 4-way independent current-mode amplification design. FC6 takes full benefit of exclusive mode by the HiByMusic application bringing in full bit-perfect decoding to your smartphones.

HiBy FC6-4

FC6 has an excellent build with a beautiful colorful display screen at the front and physical volume keys. Physical volume keys here have 32-level adjustable volume that allows the listener to precisely adjust the volume. FC6 is launched for 299$, check more information here.

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