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HiBy Crystal 6 Latest Flagship Multi-BA IEMs Announced

HiBy Crystal 6 Latest Flagship Multi-BA IEMs Announced

Experience an all-new level of high-resolution audio clarity with the latest HiBy Crystal 6. It is the latest pair of flagship IEMs with multi-BA drivers from HiBy equipped with 6 BA drivers in a 4-way crossover on both sides. The pair boasts beautiful looks with its handcrafted custom-styled earmolds and crystalline-finished unique face panels. It delivers a balanced, harmonic sound quality with accurate and natural tonality. We are pretty sure the HiBy Crystal 6 will favor different musical genres and provide an ultimate experience to its users. You can pre-order the Crystal 6 for an introductory early bird price of 399$. From 25th March the price will reach the retail price of 459$. Check out more details here.

HiBy Crystal 6-1


>Premium 6BA configuration on each side.

>4-Way crossover design.

>Unique Crystalline face panels.

>Hand-crafted custom style Earmolds.

>Universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

>Balanced 4.4mm OCC Copper cable.

>3.5mm SE Silver-plated Copper cable.

>Imported Panasonic capacitors.

>Light weight.

>Frequency Response Range: 5Hz-60kHz.

>Sensitivity: 107dB/mW.

>Impedance: 14 ohms.

>Shells Material: Epoxy Interior, German Nice-Fit UV cured enamel exterior.

>Dyed wood faceplates.

>Hi-Res Certified.

Premium Driver Configuration:-

The Hiby Crystal 6 as the name suggests is equipped with a six Balanced Armature driver configuration on both sides. It features Knowles 22955 Low-frequency driver, 2 custom-tuned 1006 BA units for transparent mid-frequencies, 1 custom-tuned 30098, and 2 custom-tuned 31735 BA units for silky smooth treble frequencies. The pair is tuned to provide a balanced yet detailed and natural sound quality output complementing different genres of music well.

HiBy Crystal 6-2

Professional 4-Way Crossover:-

HiBy has professionally designed the insides of the HiBy Crystal 6 earpieces with a full 4-way electrical crossover and 4 independent acoustic tubes. Both the electrical and acoustic crossovers are customized to each driver unit.  This presents ultra-low multi-driver distortion in the output along with accurate imaging and tonality. There is no frequency overlapping present in the output.

Premium Audio Circuitry:-

HiBy has equipped the audio circuitry inside the Crystal 6 earpieces with imported Panasonic thin-film capacitors and dual-layered immersive gold-plated PCB. These highly-technical components allow the pair to achieve smooth sound clarity with reduced transmission signal loss.

Natural & Balanced Sound:-

Professional acoustic engineers at HiBy have tuned the Crystal 6 to present a balanced, detailed sound output with natural tonality. It accurately produces the minutest details in our music with a wide soundstage presenting an enjoyable musical experience for the users.

HiBy Crystal 6-3

Visually Perfect:-

The Crystal 6 earpieces are made using an epoxy-filled interior with a German Nice-Fit UV cured enamel exterior and dyed wooden faceplates with a unique texture on each and every unit. It looks no less than a piece of art and provides a super comfortable fit for its users with its custom-shaped earmolds. Not to mention the earpieces are surprisingly lightweight, only 6.5gms for each earpiece.

HiBy Crystal 6-5

High-Quality Accessories:-

The HiBy Crystal 6 comes bundled with two cables in the package. One is a 4.4mm balanced OCC(Ohno Continous Cast) copper cable and the other is a 3.5mm single-ended Silver-Plated Copper cable. It also features Crisp, Balanced, and Bass silicone ear tips, Memory Foam tips, and a high-quality leather carry case.

HiBy Crystal 6-4

Available At Early Bird Price:-

The HiBy Crystal 6 is currently available to pre-order at an introductory early bird price of just 399$. It will be increased to 459$ retail price from 25th March. Grab yours today at this early bird offer, check out more details on our store here.

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