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Gustard Introduces A26 High-End Dual AK4499EX Desktop DAC With Network Streamer & Renderer

Gustard Introduces A26 High-End Dual AK4499EX Desktop DAC With Network Streamer & Renderer

Gustard is a premium HiFi audio brand from China specializing in desktop-grade products. They make some exceptionally good products including desktop DACs, Power and Headphone Amplifiers, and other HiFi desktop gear. Today, Gustard has released a brand new flagship Desktop DAC+Network Streamer and Renderer, presenting the all-new Gustard A26. With top-quality components including a flagship Dual DAC arrangement, independent digital-analog architectures, high-performance LPF, and I/V circuits, the A26 promises flagship performance with rich tonality, exceptional clarity, and a great amount of details. It also has streamer and renderer functions with support for different apps and protocols. A26 is designed for top-tier audio chains, where you want no compromise just the best performance!!

Gustard A26-1

Gustard A26 is launched for 1499.99$, you can refer here for more details on the A26.

To deliver rich tonality and excellent details, Gustard has trusted AKM Technologies with their flagship AK4499EX DAC chips for the core of A26. They have designed a balanced audio circuitry consisting of dual AK4499EX DAC chips arranged independently for each channel. It is supported by an AK4191 modulator chip for independent analog and digital circuitry. Gustard has featured XMOS’s XU216 16-core USB processor for unprecedented USB signal transmission. It enables high-resolution PCM, DSD audio signals supporting up to 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 audio signals. It also has full MQA rendering and also features multiple digital filters for PCM and DSD signals. Apart from USB, A26 also features different digital inputs including Coaxial, IIS, Optical, etc. As for analog output, Gustard has provided XLR balanced and RCA single-ended output Ports. A26 features exclusively designed FPGA architecture with a K2 digital clock synthesizer. It works flawlessly with built-in as well as external clock interfaces. The A26 has a 10MHz clock input.

Gustard A26-2

Gustard A26 is not just a high-end Desktop DAC. It’s also a Network streamer and renderer. Currently, A26 supports Root, UPnP, and HQPlayer NAA services and protocols. Gustard is constantly working on adding more support to the A26 for different network applications. Gustard A26 is an easy-to-operate desktop device with fully-functioning remote control. It has an OLED display and also houses a touch-sensitive key panel.

Gustard A26-3

Gustard A26 is a high-end desktop DAC and Network Streamer. With its flagship-grade circuitry and premium components on the audio circuitry, A26 promises top-tier performance on your desktop chain!! Know more about the Gustard A26 here.

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