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GUSTARD DAC A22 dual AK4499 unveiled & ship since Mid-December | Hifigo

GUSTARD DAC A22 dual AK4499 unveiled & ship since Mid-December | Hifigo

Gustard just unveiled their new flagship DAC A22  with flagship DAC chip AK4499 at MSRP US$ 989.99. It is on the pre-sale stage and shipment will be released since mid of December. 


Gustard has been researching the audio field for nearly ten years, and its various audio DAC products have been widely recognized by users all over the world.  A22 is Gustard's first audio DAC product with dual AK4499, developed based on the careful debugging of their previous generation flagship chip AK4497 and success of full discrete Class-A circuit which is matured after many years of practical application.  

Main features of GUSTARD DAC A22 

Dual AK4499 

The left and right channels of Gustard A22 are featuring an AK4499 each for dual mono audio digital-to-analog conversion. The two-channel DAC circuits are completely independent and independently grounded, and do not interfere with each other to achieve optimal performance. 

GUSTARD DAC A22 dual AK4499

Accurate volume adjustment and remote control 

Supports high-quality digital volume adjustment of 0dB~-90dB total 90 positions, with remote control for easy adjustment of volume

Wide range of digital filter options

The PCM has six digital filters available: Short Delay Sharp Roll-off/Short Delay Slow Roll-off/Sharp Roll-off/Slow Roll-off/Super Slow Roll-off/Low Dispersion Short Delay Filter
DSD has 2 digital filters available: L-BW and H-BW

Rigorous design, reasonable layout, nice workmanship, and solid materials

Gustard adjusts the peripheral circuits of the AK4499 chip as well to improve the overall quality of the A22 for better user function and performance.

The Gustard DAC-A22 delivers state-of-the-art performance in every sence of it. It is clearly designed by experienced engineers who have made sure the actual implementation matches the fancy specifications. 


Gustard A22 is available in black and silver. You can choose whether to have a built-in USB digital audio interface daughter board depending on whether you need USB input function.

For more details of GUSTARD DAC A22, visit here 

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