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Google Playstore Installation on FiiO M15/M11 Pro/M11 Update

Google Playstore Installation on FiiO M15/M11 Pro/M11 Update

People with the FiiO Hi-Fi Digital Audio Players, there is a good news for you all, even though your beloved players the M11/M11Pro/M15 are based on Android operating system, they lack the traditional Playstore which is the biggest App Store on the Android platform, but now FiiO has listened to all of us its users, and brought us a firmware upgrade which installs the Playstore officially on the mentioned devices.


So here I am going to explain to you all how to install Playstore on your FiiO M11/M11 Pro/M15. First of all, you need to download a google play update zip file from this link below:-


And here is now how to apply this update in simple bullet points:-

>Copy the Firmware Package file to the internal memory or MicroSD card

>Open Technical Support app on your device

>Click on “Firmware Update” Menu

>Click on “Local Upgrade”

>Browse for “Google_Play_Update.zip” and click on it

Your device will restart in 10 seconds and you will see the Play Store installed on it. You can start Playstore and login with your Gmail account and start using the Playstore for downloading different music player apps on your device.


If you get an error like “the device is not certified” while starting google play, here is the walkthrough to proceed.

Actually you are getting this error because Google has closed the channel for GMS Certification for Android 7.0 Devices, so you might be shown that the device is not certified. Now you have to manually register your device using the following steps written below:-

(The Device without certification could use Google Playstore normally still, but some apps with high-security requirements could not be searched.)

>Install the DeviceID.apk(you can get it easily via Google.com)

>Click on “Google Service Framework” and then click on copy

>Go to the Following website and fill in the ID copied from the previous step


>Just Click on Register and you are done

This will do the trick for you and Google Playstore will be working fine on your device now and you can download apps through Playstore easily and comfortably.

For further queries, you can email your questions to support@fiio.com.



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