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Five Upgrades WIth The All-New Moondrop Chu II: Redefining The Budget Segment of IEMs

Five Upgrades WIth The All-New Moondrop Chu II: Redefining The Budget Segment of IEMs

Introducing the all-new Moondrop Chu II, the latest generation for the highly-acclaimed Moondrop Chu IEMs. Moondrop Chu II revolutionizes the budget category of IEMs with its unparalleled sound characteristics, superb build quality, and detachable cable design, all these amazing features at an attractive price bracket of just under 20$. As a successor to the award-winning Moondrop Chu, there were many features expected of the latest iteration and the Chu II accomplishes them with ease. It has swappable cable, a newer generation dynamic driver,  Clear sound with lower distortion, and is also better build with Alloy-Casted ear shells. Enjoy impeccable tuning and breathtaking sound quality at an unbelievably low price!!

Moondrop Chu II-1

Moondrop has launched the Chu II for just 18.99$, check out more information here. Let’s check all the five major upgrades that we will get with the Moondrop Chu II over the OG Model.

New-Generation Al-Mg dome Dynamic Driver:-

From the titanium-coated diaphragm on the OG model, we have come a long way with an all-new high-quality Aluminum-Magnesium alloy dome diaphragm. AL-Mg alloy material was limited to a few high-end level IEMs and Headphones only, the Chu II is actually the first IEM in the budget category to feature this high-quality IEM. This AL-Mg alloy diaphragm has strong rigidity high-strength, and great elasticity. It enables clear sound reproduction with wide treble extensions, a strong lower-end presence, and a refined detailed overall response.

Moondrop Chu II-2

Durable Build & High-Quality Textured Finish:-

Moondrop has kept the design of the Chu II identical to the OG model, but the build structure has been greatly improved. The pair is crafted using Moondrop’s mature alloy casting technology. It ensures a solid build with a finely textured finish. The pair also has a durable paint layer that protects the metallic shell from oxidation and corrosion.

Brass Acoustic Nozzle With Swappable Nozzle Filter:-

Moondrop Chu II features a high-quality Brass material CNC machined ear nozzle, it offers precise and dense sound with a rich tone and natural timbre. For the Moondrop Chu OG model, the biggest issue was with mesh filters, as they were not easy to replace after blockage and damage, but Moondrop has rectified that with the Chu II. Now you have replaceable nozzle filters which can easily be replaced whenever required.

Moondrop Chu II-3

Clear Sound With Low Distortion:-

With professional tuning adjustments and high-quality components such as the new-generation Al-Mg diaphragm dynamic driver unit, the Moondrop Chu II achieves quality sound output with clear sound reproduction, refined details, ultra-low non-linear distortion, etc. It still follows the VDSF target response like the OG model, but the sound is greatly refined and clearer than ever before.

Interchangeable Cable Design:-

One of the major upgrades over the OG model is the interchangeable cable design of the Moondrop Chu II. Yes, you can replace the cable at will and use Bluetooth Neckbands, or other upgrade cables that use the 0.78mm 2-pin connector type. The stock cable has 3.5mm standard termination but you can easily upgrade to aftermarket 4.4mm and other termination options.

Moondrop Chu II-4

Price & Availability:-

Moondrop Chu II brings no upgrade on the price of the OG Model. In fact, you can grab the latest Moondrop Chu II for a super attractive price of 18.99$ only. Get exquisite sound for a pocket-friendly price, more details here.

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