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Five New Updates With The All-New Shanling M3 Ultra: Latest Android Digital Audio Player

Five New Updates With The All-New Shanling M3 Ultra: Latest Android Digital Audio Player

Shanling Audio has always been at the top of its game with its huge range of portable audio gear. They have always continued support for their devices and also brought us regular updates to keep their products up with the latest techs and features. Today, Shanling updates its classic M3 series of portable Android digital audio players with the release of the very latest Shanling M3 Ultra. It comes as a direct upgrade over the award-winning M3X player with a completely revamped unibody design, new amp circuitry, new SoC, new android, and many more features.

Shanling M3 Ultra-1

Shanling M3 Ultra is launched officially for 479$, refer here for more information.

Here’s the list of all the updates that we are getting over the M3X!!

>New Audio Amplification Circuitry:-

Shanling has kept the DAC chipset the same as the original M3X housing dual ES9219C DAC chips, but they have updated the amp section for a cleaner and more powerful output. M3 Ultra has got a newly-designed amplification section with dual independent RT6863 amp chips. They not only produce a more powerful output than the M3X but also sounds cleaner with better SNR and lower distortion in the output signal. With two-level gain modes, the M3 Ultra produces up to 260mW of clean output at 32Ω of impedance load.

Shanling M3 Ultra-2

>New Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC Chipset & More RAM:-

In order to deliver better performance and upgrade the Android OS on the M3 Ultra, Shanling has equipped the player with an eight-core Snapdragon 665 SoC chipset. It brings a lighting-fast, smooth-to-operate user interface. OG M3X had the Snapdragon 430 Chipset, M3 Ultra brings a smoother UI with the new SoC chipset. Shanling has designed the M3 Ultra with a 3GB RAM which was 2GB on the M3X.

>Latest Bluetooth Connectivity:-

Shanling has also upgraded the Bluetooth connectivity on the M3 Ultra. The new M3 Ultra features the latest-generation Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with high-resolution LDAC transmission support. With the latest V5.0 connectivity, M3 Ultra offers a more stable wireless Bluetooth connection compared to the previous model.

Shanling M3 Ultra-3

>Latest Android 10 Operating System:-

From Android 7.1 on the M3X, the new Shanling M3 Ultra comes loaded with the latest Android 10 Operating system. Not only it offers smooth operation but also has a wide range of media applications available on the Google Play Store.

>All-New Unibody Design:-

The outer shell design of the Shanling M3 ultra looks more like their recently launched new players such as the M6 Ultra, etc. The player features a unibody design with a high-quality CNC-machined aluminum alloy frame. Shanling has featured a 4.2” HD display on the front.

Shanling M3 Ultra-4

>New Looks, New Features, Same Trusted Performance:-

Shanling M3 Ultra has got a new set of features. It still promises the quality performance for which the M3X was known. It packs the same dual ES9219C DAC arrangement as the M3X but it brings a lot of new updates to keep it up with today’s technology. Primarily it includes a new SoC, New Android, Upgraded RAM, etc. Shanling M3 Ultra is launched officially for 479$, know more here.

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