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FiiO x Jade Audio KA13 Premium Portable DAC/AMP with Mini Desktop-Grade Amplification

FiiO x Jade Audio KA13 Premium Portable DAC/AMP with Mini Desktop-Grade Amplification

FiiO and its sub-brand Jade Audio have come together to release a brand new product, introducing the FiiO x Jade Audio KA13. It’s a portable USB DAC/AMP, an upgrade to the lovely KA1 with an improved internal and external setup. We now have a mini desktop-grade amplification arrangement on the KA13 that provides a mighty output through the compact KA13. it packs a premium dual DAC arrangement for crystal-clear sound signal decoding, and supports both PCM and DSD Hi-Res audio signals. It’s a mighty powerful device that hides its strength in a simple and elegant design. FiiO x Jade Audio KA13 brings a noticeable upgrade to the way you enjoy your music!!

FiiO x Jade Audio KA13-1

FiiO x Jade Audio KA13 is priced attractively at just 75.99$, more details here.

The FiiO KA13 is a powerful device. This compact portable USB DAC/AMP houses a specially developed high-power mini desktop-grade amplification chipset with 8262 OPAmp chips. They provide a mighty output thrust of up to 550mW easily driving most IEMs and even some headphones with tease. To support the mighty strong amplification, FiiO has equipped the KA13 with an equally capable DAC setup. The KA13 houses a premium dual DAC chipset featuring two CS43131 32-bit DAC chips. It has full support for decoding high-resolution 32-bit/384kHz PCM signals and native DSD256 signals.

FiiO x Jade Audio KA13-2

FiiO KA13 boasts a superb build with a metallic chassis that also has an ambient light window. This ambient light can be adjusted using the FiiO Control media application available on smartphones. The KA13 has complete integration with the FiiO Control media app and various settings such as gain level, audio filter, ambient lights, etc. can be easily adjusted using the application. It supports both Single-ended and Balanced headphone connections with 3.5mm and 4.4mm outputs. The 3.5mm output also supports SPDIF output. FiiO x Jade Audio KA13 has a detachable connector cable design. Users can use the device with different devices including Android, iOS, PCs, Laptops, etc. FiiO has officially released the KA13 in two striking colour options, Black and silver. The dongle DAC/AMP is priced at just 75.99$, feel free to check out more information over here.

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