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FiiO UTWS3 Latest MMCX/0.78mm TWS Adapters Launched

FiiO UTWS3 Latest MMCX/0.78mm TWS Adapters Launched

FiiO is a well-known name in the audio industry. They have a huge range of products from HiFi IEMs to Hi-res Audio Players, and much more. They have launched their latest pair of truly wireless adapters for your HiFi earphones, the FiiO UTWS3. In today's times, with the advancement in technology, we are able to get a High-fidelity audio experience wirelessly but the UTWS3 takes a step forward in Hi-res music enjoyment. It hides many features under its simple, elegant looks just like, independent amplifiers, Qualcomm's latest Bluetooth chip, Easy Pairing, Ultra-light touch response, and much more. And with all these features, the UTWS3 comes for just 79.99$. Check out more details here.

FiiO UTWS3-1


>Qualcomm QCC3020  Bluetooth Chip.

>TWS+ Dual Transmission Technology.

>Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity.

>AptX Loss Less Support.

>MMCX/0.78mm Connector Options.

>Independent Amplifiers.

>Application Support.

>High-Capacity Charging Case.

>Up to 30 Hours Battery Life.

Hi-Resolution Bluetooth Connectivity:-

Equipped with a powerful Qualcomm QCC3020 Bluetooth transmission chip, the UTWS3 supports the latest Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity. It provides a stable, lag-free Bluetooth experience which makes watching movies and enjoying hi-res music even more enjoyable. Now enjoy wireless freedom with your Hi-end earphones with the UTWS3. The UTWS3 supports multiple hi-res Bluetooth codecs including AptX, SBC, and AAC.

FiiO UTWS3-2

Powerful Amplifier Chips:-

The ear hooks in UTWS3 are equipped with premium TPA6140A2 amplifier chips. They amplify the audio signal and provides a low-distortion, super-clean background in the output. With the help of in-built amplification chips, FiiO is able to achieve better power to pair the UTWS3 with multi-driver/demanding pair of in-ear monitors.

TWS+ Dual Transmission:-

Qualcomm has developed an all-new technology to use with Truly Wireless sets, called the TWS+ dual transmission. In this technology, there is no primary or secondary ear unit, both the sides act as a primary unit with the source device. It results in lower latency, lag-free, and a stable connection.

Easy Pairing:-

The FiiO UTWS3 features quick pairing technology. The ear units get turned on as soon as the user opens up the case’s lid and closing the lid turns them off. They can be paired easily by pressing the pairing button on the charging case.

FiiO UTWS3-3

Qualcomm CVC Noise Cancellation With Dual Mics:-

Along with HiFi sound quality output, The UTWS3 can also be your perfect companion for attending phone calls. Both the left and right adapters are equipped with 2 built-in microphones. The primary microphone picks up your voice while the secondary microphone is used to clean the ambient environmental noise using the latest Qualcomm CVC noise-canceling technology. Resulting in a crystal clear voice transmission over phone calls.

Independent Volume Adjustment:-

The FiiO UTWS3 features up to 26 levels of independent volume adjustment. It is separated from the source's volume adjustment. Once done, the desired volume setting is recorded, whenever the UTWS3 is turned on again there is no need to adjust the volume again and again.

FiiO Application Support:-

FiiO UTWS3 supports both FiiO Music and FiiO Control applications on smartphones. The applications can be used to adjust the EQ, Channel balance, pushing OTA updates to the pair, and many more features.

IPX4 Water Resistance:-

The UTWS3 has got IPX4 water resistance certification. It provides protection against sweat or water splashes while working out or doing other day to day activities.

FiiO UTWS3-4

Pricing & Availability:-

The FiiO UTWS3 Truly Wireless set of HiFi adapters has a price tag of just 79.99$, it is available to order from our store here. Shipments will begin shortly.

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